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Name: Maria ILovePopMusic Galea Age: 23 Origin: Malta Superpower: Knowing all the parts to Hamilton: An American Musical Musical Allegiance: A pop ballad with a heart-wrenching, big belting chorus LDN Role: Editorzilla Personal blog/website/Twitter: @MariaGalea —————————————————————————————————————————————– Name: Connor pearljunk Winyard Age: 21 Origin: Rayleigh Superpower: Able to recall all 197 country flags of the world…


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A Saharan Acid Western

Released November 23, 2018, Zerzura is the original soundtrack to the film (of the same name) composed by and starring Ahmoudou Madassane, a prolific Tuareg multi-instrumentalist. Regarded as the first ever ‘Saharan acid Western’, Zerzura tells the tale of a nomad’s search for a magic city of gold through free form guitar improvisations. Madassane encapsulates a…


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