Wish EU Were Here: Blond – Nah Bei Dir

Words: Nina de Sanders

As you can tell from the title this week’s song is in German. The female fronted three piece Blond may be from Chemnitz in eastern Germany but posses and radiate “Las Vegas glamour”.

‘Nah Bei Dir’ is an album track from their debut record ‘Martini Sprite’ which was released earlier this year.

The intro to the song provides a taste of what’s to come later on before the creepy and eerie sounding verse takes over. “Du hast keine Ahnung, dass ich ganz nah bei dir bin” (you have no idea how close I am to you).

The song is about a stalker character lurking on their prey, sneaking around in the shadows. This is amplified by a baseline that has an almost hypnotic quality to it throughout the song. “Ich bin bei dir zu Besuch// Leider bist du grad nicht hier” (I am visiting you but you are not here right now).

However, you do not need to understand German to enjoy this song. The extremely catchy choruses are sure to get everyone dancing.

After a particularly spooky middle eight:“Vergrabe sie im Garten// Und leg mich zu dir schlafen” (bury you in the garden and put myself to sleep with you), the song erupts once again but even more noisy and industrial sounding this time.

Blond are certainly ones to watch for Eurosonic and The Great Escape 2021.

For fans of: Ezra Furman, Calva Louise, and Superfood

You can follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

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