Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #17 – Life of Agony: The Sound of Scars

From the United States, Life of Agony was one of the last bands promoted by the first Grunge movement at a time when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were not yet seen as the rock music giants in the following years (often for the wrong reasons). Their 1993 debut, ‘River Runs Red’, was a typical example of the combination of speed and hardcore power and heavy melodies of the country’s contemporary alternative metal scene. Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #17 – Life of Agony: The Sound of Scars

Monday Mover #2: Alice Merton – Vertigo

Most probably you’ve already heard of Alice Merton. TheFrankfurt-born singer gained enormous popularity after the release of her 2017 debut song ‘No Roots’. The track almost immediately topped the Billboard rock charts, gaining more than 400 million streams on Spotify. Reaching the Top 10 all across Europe. Now, she has over 620 million streams worldwide and magazines like New York Times are comparing her voice to singers like Adele and Florence Welch. Continue reading Monday Mover #2: Alice Merton – Vertigo

New Music Friday 16/04/2021

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but it feels like everyone is a lot happier this week. Pubs and shops being open has had a good influence on everybody’s mood, however not on my bank balance. Oops. This week we picked out some great songs for you, read on so you can impress your friends in the pub with your knowledge about these brand-new … Continue reading New Music Friday 16/04/2021

News: BIMM Students Host Ignite Festival Of Live Music And Industry Panels This Week – And It’s Free (But They Need Your Donations)

Are you wondering how to warm up for the summer festivals? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have some good news for you. BIMM London and Music Venue Trust are bringing you three days of live music combined with conferences online for all of you music lovers, from Saturday April 17 to Monday April 19. Continue reading News: BIMM Students Host Ignite Festival Of Live Music And Industry Panels This Week – And It’s Free (But They Need Your Donations)

Monday Mover #1: Luz – Counting Houses

This week it’s breaking Irish artist Luz. The 20-year-old, half-Argentinian musician has gained enormous popularity in the past year after the release of her three singles ‘We’ll Be Fine’, ‘I’m Lonely’ and ‘The Author’. Her vocals have caughtthe attention of Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi and Niall Horan and media such as The Independent, who described her as ‘‘An incredible Irish artist causing a stir with her beautifully written bedroom pop.’’ After her songs being streamed more than 30 million times worldwide, she’s now scheduled to support JP Saxe on his rescheduled European tour dates next year. Continue reading Monday Mover #1: Luz – Counting Houses

New Music Friday 09/04/2021

The last week of the official lockdown period here in the UK has ended. From Monday on, non-essential shops and beer gardens will open, which means we will slowly get back to normal life again. This weekend will probably be the last weekend not spent in a pub, which means it’s a good reason to, for one last time listen to these new releases while dancing around in your living room. At least that’s what I’m going to do. Continue reading New Music Friday 09/04/2021

Nook’s Cranny #8 – New Super Mario… Movie?

According to Nintendo, the production is “moving ahead smoothly”. This, of course, is thanks in part to the man, the myth, and the mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto. It is also in part thanks to Chris Meledandri, founder of Illumination studios. If that doesn’t mean much to you then maybe this will: Minions. Illumination is the studio that brought you Despicable Me (2010), the studio might have a bad name because of all the unnecessary Minion merchandise and social media frenzy but the animation itself wasn’t so bad! I personally think that this could be great news for Mario fans out there. Continue reading Nook’s Cranny #8 – New Super Mario… Movie?