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New Music Friday 31/03/2023

Today’s New Music Friday is filled with comebacks from old favourites and the debuts of potential new ones. From Thomas Headon’s ode to a friend, Maisie Peters celebrating her breakup, Melanie Martinez reinventing herself, Neuro Placid standing against nepo babies, to Olivia Dean allowing herself to be vulnerable – it’s all about healing, self-acceptance and finding your own path one way or another. Words: Vicky … Continue reading New Music Friday 31/03/2023

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New Music Friday 17/03/2023

This week’s New Music Friday is full of songs by strong and successful women that inspire us in Women’s Month and beyond – let us introduce you to Miley Cyrus’ brand new album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, Bea Miller’s new single ‘jealous of my friends’, Melanie Martinez’ comeback ‘DEATH’, Taylor Swift’s old-fan favourite ‘All Of The Girls You Loved Before’ and Aluna & TSHA’s collaboration ‘Killing … Continue reading New Music Friday 17/03/2023

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New Music Friday 10/3/23

It’s LDN’s breakdown of New Music Friday again, with the best new music that you can feast your eyes and ears on today. Stand by for Sam Akpro, Gorillaz, August Ubeda, Lily Moore and Bleach Lab. Words: Andrea Naess #1 Sam Akpro – Trace London-based Sam Akpro released his latest single ‘Trace’, and this one is a track to look out for –not to mention … Continue reading New Music Friday 10/3/23

New Music Friday 28/04/2023

Reporting back from Easter break, we’re here to update you on our favourite releases from the past couple of weeks. From Michael Aldag’s early midlife-crisis, Foo Fighters‘ first release without their beloved Taylor Hawkins, SZA’s and Doja Cat’s second girlboss collaboration, Nessa Barrett’s ode to 2014-Tumblr-culture to Peach PRC’s dreamy debut EP – spring is off to a good start. Words: Vicky Madzak and Hope … Continue reading New Music Friday 28/04/2023