Oh Baby, Baby: Jennifer Otter Bickerdike On #FreedBritney And Her New Britney Book

It’s been a wild week with pop superstar Britney Spears finally being freed from her father’s oppressive conservatorship, after 13 years. BIMM’s own Professor Jennifer Otter Bickerdicke had been putting a book – ‘Being Britney: Pieces Of A Modern Icon’ – together, and with terrific timing its release last week coincided with Britney’s good news. LDN thought we should find out more… Continue reading Oh Baby, Baby: Jennifer Otter Bickerdike On #FreedBritney And Her New Britney Book

BIMM Introducing: Andrea

Being a female producer has never been an easy task, however there are some out there like BIMM artist Andrea who are not afraid of the challenges. The Norwegian musician – who blends pop with a Latin twist – tells her side of the story, from what difficulties she faced at the beginning of her music career to what’s kept her inspired to keep dreaming. Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Andrea

BIMM Introducing: Morning’s Here

Words: Gery Hristova They want to trend. They want to have a concert on Minecraft. And if you had a weird dream, you can share it with them and they might create a song out of it. If that doesn’t sound strange enough to you, then wait to hear the whole story behind their new project. Morning’s Here, a group created by Julka Osiecka (songwriter/instrumentalist), Karol Dzik (songwriter/instrumentalist/producer) and Pola Bychawska (songwriter/vocalist), are here to ask you only one question: “What did you dream about … Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Morning’s Here

BIMM Introducing: Ari Anna

London-based Italian pop singer Ari Anna has been studying at BIMM London for three years as a songwriter. Coinciding with Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Anna releases her new single ‘Lost Again’, which explores her own struggles with the illness, gives strength to those also struggling and shows how important it is to express your feelings. Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Ari Anna