LDN Meets… Voyager

Words: Iris Beek

Photo: Mike Dann

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is almost kicking off in Liverpool. With wild outfits, glitters, and a lot of music, every music lover is excited for THE music event of the year. Between all the craziness, there also Voyager, a Synth-metal group that’s participating in the competition this year for Australia. Voyager had some time to chat with LDN about Eurovision, their song ‘Promise’ and eh… rituals.

Hi guys, thank so much for taking time during your busy schedule! How’s it going so far during this Eurovision journey? Is it a bit overwhelming or mostly exciting?

Danny: It’s a bit overwhelming and exhausting, but I think it’s mostly exciting. Generally, it’s great, because we’re working towards something amazing and the things we’re doing along the journey are amazing. — It’s phenomenal due to all the pre-parties right now. We’re playing for 5000 people in Amsterdam and for 4000 people in London.

Do you guys have a ritual before you go on stage?

Danny: We like to sacrifice a small furry animal before every show. If there’s no small fury animal available, then we like to sacrifice one of our band members.

Alex: We usually go through someone’s hair to shave it off; we’re done with Scott’s, and we’re halfway with Danny now.

Danny: And otherwise, we say, ‘I hate you, and I hate playing this music but let’s do it anyway’.

Alex: But seriously, we don’t have one really. We normally have a few drinks and then we just get out there and do it! It’s not a very exciting answer sorry, so maybe just stick with the hair ritual haha.

I guess it’s a bit of a ‘piece of cake’ anyway for you after performing for so long. Do you get used to being on stage after 20 years?

Alex: People always get surprised when they hear we’re not nervous. We maybe get more nervous from excitement than actual performing, which other performers sometimes naturally feel.

Simone: We have a lot of trust in one another as well. You can always cross the stage and look at your other band mates which makes you feel pumped up as well.

Photo: Tourism Western Australia

And now you’re going to perform on Europe’s biggest stage. Since Australia participated in 2015 you guys kept trying to participate, and now it finally happened! Why did you want to go to Eurovision bad and how does it feel to finally have the chance to be on that stage?

Alex: It’s like you ask any musician ‘What’s the biggest stage you can be on, and would you be like a part of that?’ – If they say no, there’s something wrong with them. This is a chance of a lifetime, so for this to finally happen to us after seven years is an amazing feeling and it’s an opportunity you must grab when it comes around.

Scott: It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, maybe twice for some people. But I guess for an earth progressive synth-metal band is it possibly just a lifetime!

How did you manage to keep going for it until you got finally chosen to participate in Eurovision? That perseverance you have is an inspiration for young musicians.

Alex: Honestly, I think it’s inspirational for ALL musicians! I mean, Romania’s act, Theodor is only 19 years old and that’s a difference compared to us. I feel like, the younger you are how more likely you are to succeed. It feels awesome for us being in our 30s’ to be able to do this.

Danny: Yeah, I think that as well. But it’s also hard work and perseverance. I think those overnight success stories don’t really happen. It shows If you keep going and show a song and performance of quality that it can happen.

Scott: I see it as increasing your luck. Everything you do in your career might not be the best thing you ever do, but if you continue to put yourself out there and expose yourself to many people and every opportunity as possible are you increasing your chances. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed. We got very lucky to go to Eurovision because a lot of people out of our music genre don’t get that opportunity. We are very fortunate to be in this position, but we also think that not everything will happen all at once, but you keep increasing your odds and keep working hard; perseverance is obviously the most important thing.

I feel like perseverance is indeed the most important thing as well to achieve your goals. Now about your song ‘Promise’. How would you define it yourself and how would promote it to the non-metalheads out there?

Alex: Just a banging song. If you don’t like heavy music then don’t listen to it, and I think it has a bit of taste about what metalheads can do, everything in the smallest kind of way. If we really wanted to, we could’ve made ‘Promise’ the blackest crushing metal song ever. But we didn’t have to make it that extreme to let it hit. We really have cool pop elements, like we really have a memorable chorus groovy verses and a positive message.

Danny: It’s got it all!

You sound confident about your song! Do bookmakers and other critiques affect you?

Everyone: No, not really.

Danny: I’m not a horse haha! Honestly, I couldn’t care less – I hate betting and gambling, it’s not a thing I’m interested in. I’m here for the music and for the fun. If someone wants to make a few 400 dollars from us while betting, then that’s their thing. I feel like it’s irresponsible to bet on Eurovision.

Speaking more about Eurovision, your country, Australia, joined the competition in 2015 because of its popularity there. What’s it about the Australians that they love it so much?

Ashley: Australia loves people that don’t necessarily take themselves so seriously. I mean with Eurovision we do take the music seriously, but the stage is fun, dynamism and theatre and we Australians really respond to that. So yeah, what’s not to love? Oh, and we don’t like to sleep very much, so it’s nice to get up and stay up. We also always stayed awake to watch Eurovision.

We have true Eurovision fans right here! Who are your personal favourites in the competition this year?

Danny: I love Teya & Salena (Austria) and My Sister’s Crown (Czechia), especially in the last couple of days is it growing on me.

Alex: We all tend to like the same songs. I really like Reiley (Denmark) as well.

Simone: Luke Black (Serbia) is one of my personal favourites. It’s really cool.

Scott: I think Diljá (Iceland) is really powerful, that one has grown on me a lot. Andrew Lambrou from Cyprus as well.

Ashley: Well, I think we all love a little bit of ‘Cha Cha Cha’ are we? Finland is great.

Danny: We basically like most of the songs.

Simone: You start to see and hear them more as well, so they start to grow in your brain, and then you’re like ‘Oh this is actually a banger song!’

Besides participating in Eurovision, what are other highlights in your career that you would consider as ‘special’?

Simone: Ooh… so many things. Playing with so many bands.

Danny: Hmm yeah, I agree with that. Touring around with Deftones, playing in Mexico City was amazing. Playing in Japan as well. Hammersonic Festival in Indonesia was a wild experience too.

Simone: Playing at Woodstock festival too!

Scott: I really liked playing at a cycle repair shop in Czech Republic, that was fun.

Alex: I think the highlights are also the places where we filmed our video clips. For ‘Promise’ I think being allowed to film at those landscapes is amazing.

Danny: You know, every day I play with you guys is a highlight for me.

A big thank you to Voyager for chatting with us: we wish them the best of luck in the competition!

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