Nook’s Cranny #4 – Why You Should Still Be Playing Skyrim 10 Years After Its Release

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is turning 10 years old this November and it’s hardly believable… Thousands of people still regularly play the game and with no accurate idea as to when the next Elder Scrolls installment will be, here’s a few reasons as to why you should still be playing Skyrim all these years later. Continue reading Nook’s Cranny #4 – Why You Should Still Be Playing Skyrim 10 Years After Its Release

Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #12 – Soul

The story tells of Joe Gardner, a middle-aged music teacher, whose dream has always been to become a professional jazz musician. But just when he is given the opportunity to make his dream come true, due to an accident he finds himself in another dimension, where the new souls begin their adventure in the real world, and the old souls whose real life is now over, move on the road to the afterlife. Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #12 – Soul


the movie beings with Malcolm and Marie returning in the middle of the night to their villa in Carmel, California. He – black suit and white shirt – is an explosion of energy. He just presented his new film and the reaction of the public and press was exceptional. She – a long silver dress – looks bored and dry while preparing her partner a plate of mac & cheese. Malcolm forgot to thank her during his speech at the movie premiere: from there, the fuse that will detonate an anger and resentment bomb hatched all night and destined to light their sleepless night. Continue reading MOVIE SOUNDTRACK WEDNESDAY #11 – Malcolm and Marie

Daft Punk Break Up

Words: Thomas-Bradey Riseley  Mythical dance duo call it a day after a celebrated and defining 28 years.  Daft Punk have split. The pair from Paris have ended what was one of the most pioneering and popular dance music acts to ever exist.  Their publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the news on February 22nd but offered no explanation, acknowledged by a video on the Daft Punk YouTube … Continue reading Daft Punk Break Up

New Music Friday 19/02/2021

It’s Friday again, our favourite day of the week. It’s not only the start of the weekend, but also THE day for new music. However, during lockdown all the days feel similar, almost like Groundhog Day. With the prime minister releasing the roadmap out of the lockdown on Monday, we are finally hoping for some good news, a set plan out of this everlasting lockdown. … Continue reading New Music Friday 19/02/2021