Gorillaz Live at The O2 Arena: A Joyous Reunion

Words: Doug Phillips A restriction-free O2 Arena hosts the Gorillaz and a bustling roster of their friends for a joyous reunion of live music. This was the first full show at the O2 Arena since March 2020, although the night before, the band performed a free show for NHS workers. Gorillaz opens the vibrant, electric show in a familiar fashion, with the borderline deep cut, … Continue reading Gorillaz Live at The O2 Arena: A Joyous Reunion

Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #17 – Life of Agony: The Sound of Scars

From the United States, Life of Agony was one of the last bands promoted by the first Grunge movement at a time when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were not yet seen as the rock music giants in the following years (often for the wrong reasons). Their 1993 debut, ‘River Runs Red’, was a typical example of the combination of speed and hardcore power and heavy melodies of the country’s contemporary alternative metal scene. Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #17 – Life of Agony: The Sound of Scars

New Music Friday 02/04/2021

What a beautiful week it’s been, it feels like everyone has been in a great mood the past few days, mainly because of the sun that has made many appearances this week. Some Vitamin D always gives us positive vibes, especially seeing as we spent most of our time indoors the past months. We are only ten days away from the reopening of pubs and … Continue reading New Music Friday 02/04/2021

New Music Friday 26/03/21

Thank god it’s Friday! Even though most of us are focused on the future, where everything is possible. We should not forget to be conscious of the present, especially when it’s filled with brand new music. Our picks for this week include, Beabadoobee, Taylor Swift, LIL NAS X and more!  Editor: Megan Hofman Beabadoobee – Last Day On Earth (Dirty Hit) We all know many … Continue reading New Music Friday 26/03/21

Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #14 – Brooklyn

Set in her native country, Enniscorthy, Southeastern Ireland, ‘Brooklyn’ (directed by John Crowley and based on the novel of the same name by the Irish writer Colm Tóibín) is the story of a girl, Eilis, who in the early 1950s leaves for New York, to escape from a life without job prospects, leaving her mother and a sister, for a secure job and hope for a future. A story like so many and deeply present, one of the millions passed through Ellis Island, she leaves with a heart and mind full of emotions: with the fear of the first time away from her family, the excitement of the unknown, the hope of a future in a place where you soon feel at home again. For Eilis, emigration coincides with the end of adolescence, with the discovery of love and people like her in search of their own pioneering conquest of a unexplored land. Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #14 – Brooklyn

New Music Friday 12/03/2021

Another week has passed and it’s a Friday again. Lots of things have happened this week that shocked all of us. The terrible news of Sarah Everard has led to, what feels like, another social media revolution. Women speaking out about their experiences and sharing with the world what it’s like being a woman and still not feeling safe. Hopefully this will once again open … Continue reading New Music Friday 12/03/2021

Nook’s Cranny #5 – Best Video Games Made By Womxn

This March is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day and with that comes some highly recommended video games made by womxn. The gaming community was once dominated by men, meaning games were made by men for men. These days it is considerably more inclusive and we’re all happy to see it! Here are some of the best video games made by womxn. Continue reading Nook’s Cranny #5 – Best Video Games Made By Womxn