Wish EU Were Here: New Ro – Cropcircles

Words by Nina de Sanders New Ro is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. In typical scandinavian fashion she does pop music like no one else.  Cropcircles, released at the end of October, is the 2nd single to be released ahead of New Ro’s debut album Late Bloomer, due on February 5th 2021 via Solina Records.  The track is entirely written and produced … Continue reading Wish EU Were Here: New Ro – Cropcircles

#ThrowbackThursday: Heartbroken by T2 and Jodie Aysha

Whether heard at your Year 6 school disco, or through some yutes at the back of the 269 bus, or from hearing muffled wails coming from behind your older sister’s pink-licked bedroom door, it would’ve been a hard feat to avoid the anthemic lyrics of T2’s ‘Heartbroken’. ‘Heartbroken’ was the debut single from the young British record producer T2. Written and sung by 15-year-old Jodie … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday: Heartbroken by T2 and Jodie Aysha

New Music Friday

Spooky season is almost over and in turn making space for the holidays. Long are the days longing for snow and Christmas cheer but before our minds get imploded by Christmas songs we still have some time to listen to beautifully crafted tunes and albums. Down below are some spectacular hits that we’ve been loving the most these past few days and weeks, starting from … Continue reading New Music Friday

Album review: Camelphat – Dark Matter

‘Dark Matter’ is the debut album of British DJ duo CamelPhat. The group have been making waves in the dance music scene for quite a while now. Since their formation in 2004 they have gone on to make platinum-selling songs, becoming Grammy and Ivor Novello nominated artists. With all this acclaim would they be able to live up to the hype of finally releasing their … Continue reading Album review: Camelphat – Dark Matter

Live Review: The Nightmare Before Wrecksmas

The Wrecks are back again with an equally chaotic yet brilliant live stream. Last time the American indie-band enamoured us at the Shag chateau but this time they’re streaming from lead singer’s Nick Anderson’s living room. All dressed up in Tim Burton inspired Halloween costumes, we see the quirky band dance around in the perfectly decorated room. A live stream dubbed as ‘The Nightmare Before … Continue reading Live Review: The Nightmare Before Wrecksmas

LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

In a world filled with uncertainty and destruction, almost nothing offers more inspiration as lively as the current events, and the British rockers of the acclaimed indie group Nothing But Thieves are no newbies to skilfully mixing politics, mental health issues, and social struggles with their own experiences and turning it all into magnificent songs. It comes to no surprise then that this is also … Continue reading LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

Working Men’s Club – Review

The self-titled debut from Manchester-based college students, ‘Working Men’s Club’, is here and it’s festering. What better time for the well gigged four-piece to send you a bottle of dance floor sweat than during a time when live music doesn’t exist and everyone is craving it. Bring the party home with this teenage dance floor rock. Working Men’s Club are known locally in Manchester for … Continue reading Working Men’s Club – Review

Hippo Campus live at First Avenue

American indie-band Hippo Campus is the latest in a surge of artists and bands that are trying to revive live music through a live stream. The band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota played in their hometown’s historic venue, First Avenue. The set was short and throughout the 30 minutes, not one word was spoken but somehow the five-piece enchanted us from half a world away. The … Continue reading Hippo Campus live at First Avenue

New Music Friday

Autumn has arrived. The wind is getting colder, leaves are turning brown and what would’ve been the start of “gig season” has been replaced by a less sweaty virtual counterpart. Luckily for us new music is still being released every day and therefore we can fill the void in our hearts that was once reserved for live music. Down below are some spectacular hits that … Continue reading New Music Friday