LDN’s The Best Of 2021 – Movies

Finally, 2021 has come to an end: it has been a very challenging year for all of us, through the pandemic and real difficult times. However, luckily the movie industry hasn’t stopped, and it has fulfilled – once again – its main objective, which is taking us into another dimension and setting us free from what is haunting us in the real world. So, here is a short list of the movies that have excelled in doing this for us this year. Continue reading LDN’s The Best Of 2021 – Movies

LDN’s Best Of 2021: Gaming

Video games have become more of a safe space and a place for comfort rather than entertainment and leisure in 2021. Because of the anxiety and stress caused by the dark times of the pandemic, many games have grown in popularity as an alternative escape from the real world providing a fictional scenario for the player to lose themselves in. Continue reading LDN’s Best Of 2021: Gaming

Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #23 – Boxing Day

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, we can’t help but get carried away by the excitement our cities are filled with; the wait is even more exciting when looking and the incredible decorations London has put throughout the whole city and – when we walk down the streets – we can’t help but let ourselves be swept along this current of excitement and cheer. Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #23 – Boxing Day