‘Rocketman’ is not only the film that Elton John always wanted to make about himself, but it is also the film he (and us as-well) always wanted to see about Elton John. And of course, it has very little to do with a classic biopic: the only way to tell Elton’s story is to immerse yourself in his fantasy and let the border between reality and imagination become more and more blurred. Translated into a cinematic genre, it means only one thing: musical. Featuring incredible costumes, elaborate choreography and magical moments of realism. Don’t be surprised if you see Elton flying over his piano. Continue reading MOVIE SOUNDTRACK WEDNESDAY #10 – Rocketman

New Music Friday 05/02/2021

After what feels like a year, January is finally over, which means the dark days are coming to an end and light is on the horizon. The vaccine roll-out seems to be working and, fingers crossed, next month we might be able to actually see other people again. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’re not there yet. In the meantime, we can enjoy … Continue reading New Music Friday 05/02/2021

New Music Friday 29/01/2021

I don’t know about you, but January has never felt so long. Maybe it’s because so much has happened in this short amount of time, however we can’t wait for the next coming months. Where the weather will be better, and where hopefully more people will be vaccinated so we can slowly go back to ‘normal’ life. In the meantime, we can luckily still use music as an escape and dream away to better days, especially with these new tunes. Continue reading New Music Friday 29/01/2021

New Music Friday 22/01/2021

You may not believe it, but we are still in the first month of 2021. Lots of important events have already taken place such as another national lockdown, the US Capitol Riots and finally the Presidential Inauguration, it feels like this year is going to bring some big changes. One thing that won’t change is our love for music and sharing our favourites with you. Continue reading New Music Friday 22/01/2021

Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #8 – Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Words: Giulia Lombardo Set in a music studio between the 1920s and 1930s, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ tells the story of four musicians kept under control by Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), a highly esteemed legend in blues music or else, if you ask me, the queen of blues. In the movie the characters put in the foreground are presented, ready to clash and defend their … Continue reading Movie Soundtrack Wednesday #8 – Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom