BIMM Introducing – Vincent Salgueiro

As Leo Tolstoy said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” That’s how London-based musician and composer Vincent Salgueiro’s conceptual EP ‘Cartesua’ was created – a year-long project fitted into five tracks. But time doesn’t matter here. ‘Cartesia’ proves that it can take a while to find your musical voice, and some things are worth the wait. Continue reading BIMM Introducing – Vincent Salgueiro

BIMM Introducing: Andrea

Being a female producer has never been an easy task, however there are some out there like BIMM artist Andrea who are not afraid of the challenges. The Norwegian musician – who blends pop with a Latin twist – tells her side of the story, from what difficulties she faced at the beginning of her music career to what’s kept her inspired to keep dreaming. Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Andrea

BIMM Introducing: Morning’s Here

Words: Gery Hristova They want to trend. They want to have a concert on Minecraft. And if you had a weird dream, you can share it with them and they might create a song out of it. If that doesn’t sound strange enough to you, then wait to hear the whole story behind their new project. Morning’s Here, a group created by Julka Osiecka (songwriter/instrumentalist), Karol Dzik (songwriter/instrumentalist/producer) and Pola Bychawska (songwriter/vocalist), are here to ask you only one question: “What did you dream about … Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Morning’s Here