BIMM Introducing: Juice

Words: Blanca de Gongora Silva

Who is Juice?

Known as “Juice”, Julia Macmillan is a 20-year-old Korean/Scottish singer and songwriter. Of British and South Korean origin, she was raised in the South of France and moved to London at the age of 17 to develop and pursue her artistic goals to gain more knowledge about the music business. During her years of training at BIMM London, Juice has met and worked with many talented artists and producers who all helped her hone her musical tastes and establish her artistic identity. 

What about the music?

Her artistic persona and the music that Juice makes reflect the sunny Riviera, which is her home, a relaxing Mediterranean chic, dreamy and certainly striking. She defines her music as a “blend of melodic house, electronic, and pop, with lyrics in both English and French.” The mellifluous quality of her compositions combined with her sensual bluesy voice evoke a certain bohemian elegance, gently but firmly seducing the listener.  

Currently completing her last year at BIMM Institute, Juice is focusing on developing a repertoire to become a performer and event entertainer. Released in the summer of 2021, ‘Vertigo’ is her debut original song and video clip. Filmed on the Greek island of Mykonos, it perfectly conveys the youthful wistfulness and passion of a holiday romance that flares up overnight. Feelings overflow as Juice gets vertigo just thinking about the night before …… a catchy chill-out track that reflects her warm aesthetic. 

What’s next?

Left wanting more after ‘Vertigo’? We are excited to learn that Juice has created a brand-new “spring” pop, EDM and house sensation entitled ‘Catch the Wave’. This upcoming single, now in the final mixing stage, will remind you of that state of awareness that we all occasionally experience: the need to move on.

Continue to ride the wave with this rising star and find her on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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