BIMM Introducing – Zofia Alaya

Words: Gery Hristova

Zofia Alaya is a London-based Polish-born singer and songwriter, whose new 70s inspired indie-pop song seems to encapsulate the one thing we have in common – the desire to love and be loved and to give respect and be respected or the real emotions and the honesty that we seem to lack.

“‘Cold’ is about people and our relationships in the 21st Century. It feels like nobody trusts each other, everybody’s scared of being hurt, there are lies and lack of honesty between us.” that’s how Zofia describes the idea behind her new track, which could be felt within the lyrics too: “Where are the people that care about the human beings? Did we forget how to love? Why everybody is so cold?”. The anger, the fear, the anxiety, the struggle to be true to yourself, not pretending to be somebody else it seems like those primer emotions are distracting us from what’s truly important – love.

The desire to talk and listen, to be open about your struggles that’s what the singer suggests we all should want but is it possible for us to be so vulnerable in times when social media presence is more important than everything else? That’s something we’ll leave for you to decide, but one thing is for sure – everything that makes you think a bit more about the impact that you make with your words and actions is good for you, therefore this song was worth the listen.

Listen to the song here:

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