BIMM Introducing – Roger Perelló

Words: Gery Hristova

What is life without a little bit of love? Time passes by and suddenly you wake up with a warm feeling in your heart and you feel carefree. Love normally takes you by surprise – through a chance encounter with that special someone. But what if it’s in time of national lockdown? The unexpected and wild nature of romance in a combination of social distancing is what makes this artist’s song concept an interesting one. Roger Perelló is a London-based Spanish singer and songwriter, whose new song covers the topic of love, but in mid-pandemic.

The new track – Perelló’s first release this year – is a slow-burning pop ballad that sees him dreaming about the day he’ll live normally with his partner. With a warm and melancholic modern touch, the lyrics describe a hypothetical ‘idealistic’ future that seems impossible in the moment of speaking and the concept is simple – falling in love during a lockdown.

“It was dangerous to leave the house and we were surrounded by uncertainty. I wrote this describing the way we lived that moment: in a world full of chaos, we decided to stay inside, get to know us, and fall in love with each other,” says Perelló. Our lives changed overnight. We had to forget about the way we used to live and lock ourselves in our tiny homes. Even though we were physically disconnected, affection is what connected all of us.

Some things will change, other things won’t, and this track tells exactly this story of what will always be the same – love.

Watch the official music video for ‘i am what i am (your beloved man)’ here:

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