New Music Friday 18/02/2022

Happy Friday everyone! This week we’ve had Valentine’s Day, and LDN is still in a romantic mood, so we’d like to present some songs related to l’amour… as well as some other topics. Get ready for Sea Girls, Renata Zeiguer, Moderat, Talia Stewart and THICK.

Words: Andrea Naess

1. Sea Girls – Lonely

For all of you who felt a bit lonely this V-day, here’s a comforter for you. English indie-rock band Sea Girls grabbed LDN’s attention this week with this banger of a song. ‘Lonely’ is the title, and the music video is starring JoJo Macari from the hilarious Netflix series ‘Sex Education’. The song is a part of their new album ‘Homesick’, which is due for release on March 22 on Polydor Records. 

2. Renata Zeiguer – Evergreen

From Brooklyn, NY the Filipino/Argentinian artist shares her new and incredibly charming song ‘Evergreen’. The song is about love, but more specifically self-love, and the ability to leave one concept of home to find home within oneself. The song is from her latest album ‘Picnic in the Dark’, which is out April 8 on Northern Spy Records. LDN thinks the song is beautiful, with a perfect video that captures that magic feeling of wandering through an evergreen forest, and just being. Go check it out!

3. Moderat – Fast Land

“A must-hear for sensitive electronic-soul lovers“ was the description Pitchfork gave the German electronica group when they released their previous album III. Now, the electronic sensation is finally back with their latest single ‘Fast Land’, and LDN thinks the song, as well as the video, is a work of art, and we can’t wait for the whole album ‘More D4TA’ to come out on May 13.

4. Talia Stewart – Sugar

What goes hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day? Obviously, sweet things like heart-shaped chocolate, macarons, cupcakes… And Talia Stewart’s latest single ‘Sugar’, clearly! ‘Sugar’ is the dark pop artist’s fourth single, and the style is in the same vein as Billie Eilish or Ashnikko. Talia says that “‘Sugar’ compares one of the world’s biggest vices to a toxic romantic relationship. I think everyone has had that someone they think they’ll outgrow but just can’t. My sweet tooth for the person that inspired this song had me crawling back to them no matter how bad the crash was”. Very relatable for a lot of people! 

5. THICK – Love You Forever

On V-day itself, the Brooklyn DIY punk band released ‘Love You Forever’, and the band themselves describes the song as their “first honest love song”. The relatively new band, who had their debut album ‘5 Years Behind’ out in 2020, does not disappoint with this catchy love song, and it’s a perfect one to play on a date with your better half, if you want to dance and have fun together. 

Head over to Thick’s website where you still have chance to send a custom Valentine’s Day card!