Q&A: Alex Tierney

Irish singer-songwriter Alex Tierney released his second single, ‘Painkiller’ this month. The support he received so far is extremely positive and, with the likes of MTV, Vevo, iHeartRadio, Niall Horan, and Lewis Capaldi reaching out, very promising for the future. Words: Megan Hofman For people who have not heard your music yet, can you introduce yourself and describe the sound of your music? My name … Continue reading Q&A: Alex Tierney

New Music Friday

Spooky season is almost over and in turn making space for the holidays. Long are the days longing for snow and Christmas cheer but before our minds get imploded by Christmas songs we still have some time to listen to beautifully crafted tunes and albums. Down below are some spectacular hits that we’ve been loving the most these past few days and weeks, starting from … Continue reading New Music Friday

Album review: Camelphat – Dark Matter

‘Dark Matter’ is the debut album of British DJ duo CamelPhat. The group have been making waves in the dance music scene for quite a while now. Since their formation in 2004 they have gone on to make platinum-selling songs, becoming Grammy and Ivor Novello nominated artists. With all this acclaim would they be able to live up to the hype of finally releasing their … Continue reading Album review: Camelphat – Dark Matter

Live Review: The Nightmare Before Wrecksmas

The Wrecks are back again with an equally chaotic yet brilliant live stream. Last time the American indie-band enamoured us at the Shag chateau but this time they’re streaming from lead singer’s Nick Anderson’s living room. All dressed up in Tim Burton inspired Halloween costumes, we see the quirky band dance around in the perfectly decorated room. A live stream dubbed as ‘The Nightmare Before … Continue reading Live Review: The Nightmare Before Wrecksmas

How Honesty Transforms to Vulnerability – A Q&A with Boy Willows

2020 has changed our lives in every way possible and if we’ll ever go back to normal is up to debate. After months of being stuck inside this year has also brought on the epitome of social media culture, we have therefore given Gen Z the power to change the dynamics in the popular music industry. Now, in 2020 we listeners have strayed away from … Continue reading How Honesty Transforms to Vulnerability – A Q&A with Boy Willows

BIMM Introducing: Bukky

Covid-19 has stopped everyone and everything in its tracks but for some 2020 has been a promising year that has launched their career into new heights, one of these people is Bukky. Bukky is BIMM London’s own up-and-coming, genre-fluid singer-songwriter. With the release of her new EP ‘There’s Rice at Home’ and a video of her busking going viral the 21-year-old has gained new fans … Continue reading BIMM Introducing: Bukky

Life Remotely – An Exclusive Interview with Wallows

Back when the clock struck midnight at New Year’s Eve in 2019, the year to follow was supposed to be filled with countless festival appearances and another headline tour for the LA-based indie-wonder Wallows. But life never goes the way you plan it, especially at a time when you have a pandemic rolling over the year like an apocalyptic series of monstrous plagues. Still, despite … Continue reading Life Remotely – An Exclusive Interview with Wallows

LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

In a world filled with uncertainty and destruction, almost nothing offers more inspiration as lively as the current events, and the British rockers of the acclaimed indie group Nothing But Thieves are no newbies to skilfully mixing politics, mental health issues, and social struggles with their own experiences and turning it all into magnificent songs. It comes to no surprise then that this is also … Continue reading LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

Working Men’s Club – Review

The self-titled debut from Manchester-based college students, ‘Working Men’s Club’, is here and it’s festering. What better time for the well gigged four-piece to send you a bottle of dance floor sweat than during a time when live music doesn’t exist and everyone is craving it. Bring the party home with this teenage dance floor rock. Working Men’s Club are known locally in Manchester for … Continue reading Working Men’s Club – Review

5 Things We Have Learnt from Ryan Bassil

Words: Floortje Jansen Tuesday, October 13th, Ryan Bassil from Vice graced BIMM with his Zoom-presence. Saying that Bassil has an impressive career might be an understatement, so when he gives you advice, you take it. Here are 5 things we have learnt during the masterclass. 1. Internships. It is rare, but get them if you get offered them. Say YES! Building up your experience whilst … Continue reading 5 Things We Have Learnt from Ryan Bassil