New Music Friday

Spooky season is almost over and in turn making space for the holidays. Long are the days longing for snow and Christmas cheer but before our minds get imploded by Christmas songs we still have some time to listen to beautifully crafted tunes and albums. Down below are some spectacular hits that we’ve been loving the most these past few days and weeks, starting from the perfect dream pop duo to the return of ‘90s nostalgia.

Lauv & Conan Gray – ‘Fake’

On October 13th, Lauv – aka Ari Leff – and Conan Gray released their first single together, which also marks Gray’s first collaboration, the track is called ‘Fake’. Both artists are relatively new in the industry, as both of them have released their debut albums this year. Like most pop songs, ‘Fake’ has a very catchy chorus and an overall happy vibe, although the lyrics are calling out people who pretend to be someone else on the internet, bad friends who talk about you behind your back, and toxic lovers who only call you when they need something. Listening to the song on repeat might not only make you dance alone in your room, but it will also encourage you to cut off certain types of people because Lauv and Conan are right – they are “fucking fake”.

Text by: Victoria Madzak

Beabadoobee – ‘Fake it Flowers’

Beatrice Kristi Laus, better known as Beabadoobee, recently released her debut album ‘Fake it flowers’. Bea is a 20-year-old singer and guitarist from London, who writes most of her music in her bedroom. She is very outspoken on social media and regularly shares her life through her Instagram stories. Before the album was published, VEVO released two videos of Bea performing the singles ‘Care’ and ‘Worth it’ through VEVO DSCVR, which got a lot of attention, as well as BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac featuring Beabadoobee multiple times in her Future Sounds show. 

The album starts with the lead single ‘Care’, the song has a soft beginning but quickly turns into a powerful pop/punk song. This album screams 90’s influence and sounds like Avril Lavigne back in the day. The emotional, melancholic lyrics and vocals like on ‘Back to Mars’ and ‘How was your day’ show an interesting contrast with the punky guitar riffs and vocals on ‘Together’ and ‘Charlie Brown’. Although Bea is usually described as a bedroom Indie/Pop artist, I think this album proofs she is so much more than that, and we can expect great things from her. 

Text by: Megan Hofman

Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye – ‘All About You’

‘All About You’ is the latest release from Leon Bridges, and he teamed up with Lucky Daye. Bridges explains that with this song, their goal is to “bring back the energy of the 90’s R&B greats (they) grew up listening to”. The chilled R&B track shows off Leon and Lucky’s timeless, soulful vocals that go together gorgeously. The two of them have incredible chemistry together as they sing about the heartbreak and the frustration of unrequited love. The song is accompanied by a colourful stop motion music video of the pair.

Text by: Hollie Sackett

NF – ‘Chasing_(Demo)’

After sharing a part of an unrealised song on one of his social media profiles earlier this year, Nathan Feuerstein, professionally known as NF, officially launched the track on 12 of October, under the name ‘Chasing_(Demo)’. 

The melody features the smooth vocals of the 15-year-old Australian fan Mikayla Sippel, who inspired the American rapper to release the tune since he was “blown away” by the cover she had made. Unsurprisingly, less than 24 hours after its launch, the track had entered the Top 10 on the all-genre US iTunes sales chart. The heart-gripping ballad once again emphasizes the mental issues NF has been battling for the last few years. The artist has always been open about his struggles with negative emotions and depression. In one of his previous interviews, he mentioned that the inspiration behind all the songs is based on personal experience and the hard times he has been going through.

Text by: Gery Hristova

Edited by: Giulia Lombardo // Photo credit: Jasper Soloff

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