5 Things We Have Learnt from Ryan Bassil

Words: Floortje Jansen

Tuesday, October 13th, Ryan Bassil from Vice graced BIMM with his Zoom-presence.

Saying that Bassil has an impressive career might be an understatement, so when he gives you advice, you take it.

Here are 5 things we have learnt during the masterclass.

1. Internships. It is rare, but get them if you get offered them. Say YES! Building up your experience whilst you can is essential. They are vital for getting a job. You should see them as an extension to your course; if you want to put what you’ve learnt into practice, this is the best thing. It will give you a foot in the door and can be a huge advantage for your career.

2. Dedication and not missing timelines is more than important. You need to show your employer that you love what you do and that they should not worry about what you are doing. Try to say yes at as much as you can, as it shows that you are happy to tackle anything. It shows eagerness, and it even makes you look better when you hand it in on time!

3. Be educated. You must know at least the basics about who you are working with, what you are working with, and how you have to handle it. Know the people you will be in touch with, and make sure you fact check before you send anything over; making mistakes about people’s identities, or people’s work, is a huge put off for people!

4. Do not tweet people. Even though social media can be used to your advantage, if you put a bit more time in your detective work, you will probably find their email address. People might think that contacting them through their social media DM’s is a bit intrusive, and it might get lost. Email is where it’s at, people.

5. How to grab attention. When you contact someone to pitch your idea or your work to, be clear. When you email them, know who the person you are pitching to is. Put “pitch” in the heading of your email, including 4 words of what your pitch will be about. Journalists get thousands of emails a day, and time is precious; don’t waste their time. Be clear what you are emailing about, get straight to the point, and sign off your email with the information they need.

All in all, keep these tips in mind – you never know when they might come handy. Stay true to yourself, be original, and stay professional – that should help you in the long way.

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