Hippo Campus live at First Avenue

American indie-band Hippo Campus is the latest in a surge of artists and bands that are trying to revive live music through a live stream. The band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota played in their hometown’s historic venue, First Avenue.

The set was short and throughout the 30 minutes, not one word was spoken but somehow the five-piece enchanted us from half a world away. The ever political band took a stand on the American elections when drummer Whistler Allen and percussionist/trumpet player DeCarlo Jackson opened up the set whilst wearing a mask with VOTE imprinted on it.

At times loud and brassy yet beautifully intricate, Hippo Campus can do no wrong whether we’re dancing along or having emotional induced goosebumps the band excels in their field and only seem to get better and better along with time. When the world paused and many musicians started to delay their music process, the five of them never stopped. At times they are busy with their solo ventures or their joint bands, but this constant drive of improving and making music definitely affects the members only in the perfect way.

Lead singer, Jake Luppen often got lost in his own world, and for us, the viewers from all around the world, this created the most idyllic daydream effect. The rhythms of the songs blurred into one and for once all of us were at peace with the world again.

With no introduction needed, new song ‘Ashtray’ was the highlight of the evening. It took us on a beautiful catastrophically whirlwind which brought the Minnesota five-piece to the next level and just seven years after their inception we can already cast them with the greats of the dream-indie genre.

‘South’, the last song Hippo Campus played before they exited the stage, transcended us into the perfect fantasy state and with the changing lights our fairytale world just got expanded. The blue and orange hues maintained the different atmospheres this longing, emotional track has to offer.

Right before our screens turned to black we got one last reminder to vote and somehow this statement made their live stream from the quietest to one of the most important experiences.

Hippo Campus will play their second set, next week 24th October at 2:00 am BST.

Follow the band on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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