New Music Friday

Autumn has arrived. The wind is getting colder, leaves are turning brown and what would’ve been the start of “gig season” has been replaced by a less sweaty virtual counterpart. Luckily for us new music is still being released every day and therefore we can fill the void in our hearts that was once reserved for live music. Down below are some spectacular hits that we’ve been loving the most these past few days and weeks, starting from the return of mainstream Pop Punk to a fun indie tune that’ll keep us warm through the upcoming cold days.


On September 25th, Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly released his fifth studio album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’, inspired by his collaboration on ‘I Think I’m Okay’ with Yungblud and produced by Blink-182‘s drummer Travis Barker.

With this album, the former self-proclaimed “Rap Devil” reinvented his sound completely, setting foot into the Pop Punk genre. The earlier singles he released – ‘Bloody Valentine’, ‘Concert for Aliens’, and ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’ ft. Blackbear – brought back early 2000‘s Pop-Punk nostalgia, and this is a theme that returns in the whole album. MGK explains his new sound as very “guitar-driven”, as he hopes it will inspire the younger generation to learn how to play an instrument. Lyrical wise MGK’s fifth album is his most sincere LP yet, with him being as honest as he has ever been with the public. It‘s safe to say that with ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ he successfully brought Pop Punk back into the nowadays mainstream music scene and into the charts.

Words: Victoria Madzak


The time has finally come for one of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys to make his solo debut. The drummer of the Australian group, Ashton Irwin, is the first member to risk out into a new venture. ‘Skinny Skinny’, the debut single of his upcoming album lauded in a new era for the 26 year old drummer. The track is very personal as it covers subjects such as depression and body dysmorphia and was inspired by a conversation Irwin had with his 16-year-old brother. ‘Skinny Skinny’ sounds different than what you may have been used to hear from 5SOS – it has an acoustic, raw and emotional feeling, with delicate vocals in the verses. The song is layered with Beatles inspired harmonies overlapped on top of each other. Irwin also released a music video to coronate his solo debut, which adds on to the emotional and intimate feeling of the track. The emotional rollercoaster of the first single prepares us for his first album as a solo artist, ‘Superbloom’, which will be released on October 23rd.

Words: Megan Hofman


Eurovision winner Ducan Laurence released a calm ballad called ‘Last Night’. It is hard to follow-up a winning ESF song, but Laurence has certainly pulled it off. The track is a tribute to imperfect relationships, and the beautiful instrumentals and lyrics characterising the song made us fall into an emotional moment of despair. 

Words: Floortje Jansen


On October 1st, Ella – also known as gglum – released her second single ‘At Bay’: the song perfectly enhances and showcases her angelic, delicate vocals and unfeigned songwriting within a beautifully produced track. Through a collection of synths, harmonies and perfectly staggered beats, the emerging Indie sensation will take you to another dimension, which transcends the mundanity of everyday life. This track is the perfect follow up from her first single ‘Why Don’t I Care?’, and really shows how she is becoming an established and affirmed artist in the industry.

Words: Hollie Sackett


With the second single ‘Virtual Aerobics’ of Wallows’ upcoming ep ‘Remote’, the American three-piece have given us a track that is made to be played on repeat. The two minutes of this thrilling musical adventure are filled with goofy lyrics that got translated into an even goofier music video. Wallows have established themselves as an answer to pretentious indie-music, they are talented musicians that use their gifts to make emotional ballads but more often than not they also transport us into a world of unlimited fun.

The slight electronic backdrop intermits with a melody that could easily have been made for a Nintendo game compliment lead singer Dylan Minette’s voice. ‘Virtual Aerobics’ is something we haven’t heard from the band before but somehow fits perfectly in their already extensive discography. A song to have us jump out of the bed in the morning to start a day full of energy induced activities.

Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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