BIMM Introducing: Bukky

Covid-19 has stopped everyone and everything in its tracks but for some 2020 has been a promising year that has launched their career into new heights, one of these people is Bukky. Bukky is BIMM London’s own up-and-coming, genre-fluid singer-songwriter. With the release of her new EP ‘There’s Rice at Home’ and a video of her busking going viral the 21-year-old has gained new fans right, left and centre.

Growing up in Cork, music has always been the backdrop of her life through her dad’s love of music and from a very early age, Bukky started to write poems and then fantasize how she would sing those and what the music video would look like. Fast forward a few years later and we have a young confident woman who knows what she wants her sound and aesthetic to be like.

Two years ago the Irish native decided to change the course of her life and move to London. A choice that couldn’t have panned out any better as Bukky explains: “I found my people, people that I relate to and I never felt this kind of way before, so it was definitely needed.”. The switch in scenery also allowed her to become “the highest and truest expression of herself”.

At the beginning of 2020, Bukky indulged herself in live shows most notably the Size? live sessions in Carnaby Street where she opened up for Joy Crookes and ended up the year with having to do live streams. Just a few weeks ago the 21-year-old played at Under the Bridge for a BIMM freshers event and although the feeling of live music was present, the overall atmosphere was lost. The energy cycle couldn’t be fulfilled this time, there was no audience to get energy from or to give to, “even if it was just ten people, actual humans, it would have been much more amazing,”, she says.

Bukky has surrounded herself with likeminded individuals that are fellow creatives. Together with some of her friends, she has started ‘Lotusland’, a social media page that promotes a group of people that will eventually, when the world goes back to its original state, organise events and uplift each other with their own unique, individual gifts. These talented people are also helping her create and curate her music videos.

Bukky, who has more than one passion or talent, sees music as a starting block for her: “I feel like I have a lot more to offer but with music comes the ability to really make more of an impact or difference in all the areas of the universe.”.

So it’s fair to say that she is not a one dimensional being but a multifaceted artist that understands the business from such a young age. She is not only a wonderful singer but also someone who completely knows where she is heading with her brand as a musician. A brand that also connects her to existing and prospective fans. The clear vision doesn’t allow her to be put in a box, quite the opposite really, anything that is weird and psychedelic is where her choice goes out to. Same goes for her fans, that’s clear as day, because as Bukky happily tells “I make music for Aliens” and goes on to even call it her slogan.

Follow Bukky on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Feature also included in LDN magazine’s October issue.

Text: Lauren Dehollogne

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