Self Care Sunday #10: Spring Time Gardening

Words: Emily Cliff

Pancake day has passed and February is finally beginning to come to a close and with it bringing the warmer weather. The nights are starting to get a bit longer and warm weather of March, April and May is just on the horizon. So what better to do with milder days than to get outside and do some planting. So pull on your gardening gloves, pop on your old clothes and let’s get in the garden. 

Being outside in the fresh air is just what we need to blow away the cobwebs along with those winter blues. If like me you’re not really a fan of long walks or getting out unless you’re in the mood to, spending some time in the garden is the perfect way to get outside without having to meet people or brave the busy parks. If you don’t have a garden you can still do it on your balcony and if you don’t want to get soil and dirt on your floor you could still pot your plants outside your building.

Popping Daffodils. Credit: Emily Cliff

One of the best things about spring is watching all the flowers pop up and the blossoms on the trees thrive in full bloom. What is better than watching all that happen in your own garden? Bulbs and seeds are available in almost all of the major supermarkets and you can even get some flowers to pot and plant from Aldi and Lidl. However, if you are looking for a wider range of flowers and house plants we would recommend going to your local garden centre if it is open. When planting your own pots it is a complete blank canvas, you can choose the flowers you want to see grow and your favourite colours. 

Some of the best spring-time flowers that will make the colours in your garden or flat pop are tulips and daffodils. Tulips are so bright and vibrant in colour they are bound to bring a little brightness and cheer to your home. Tulips will grow in pretty much any reasonable soil and will do really well in sunlight. If you are growing tulips from bulbs the best time to plant them would be just before Christmas, however if you missed the deadline on growing your tulips from scratch don’t worry – they are starting to come into the supermarkets to buy singularly or as part of a bouquet so you can still enjoy their vibrance even if you didn’t plant them in your garden. 

Add some colour! Credit: Emily Cliff

The other springtime favourite we have is daffodils. If you look closely daffodils are starting to pop up everywhere and they are available to buy in your local supermarkets too! The bright yellow is bound to turn any winter home into a lovely springtime one bringing a brightness and a lovely vibrance to the room garden and balcony. 

There are loads of benefits of having lovely plants in your garden that positively impact the wildlife in your area. As we all know global warming is destroying our planet and its wildlife however if you are after a lockdown project, planting for your garden or balcony is the perfect way to occupy your time and to give something back to nature. Lavender is a brilliant little plant to have in your garden, not just for the amazing fragrance it gives off, bumble bees love it! Having a pot of lavender on your balcony or in your garden could be just the thing you need for your Self-Care Sundays. We have raved on about lavender before here at Self-Care Sunday, it is brilliant for sleep and for de-stressing and also great for the lovely little bees. 

You don’t have to have green fingers to plant and lay out your very own Zen garden, and the effects of doing a touch of gardening are long lasting with many plants coming and returning the following year. If you want to take it a step further why not plant your own vegetables? Veggies like peas, tomatoes and potatoes can all be grown in pots so you could have your very own vegetable patch in your front room or on your balcony. Herbs and spices are very easy to grow indoors too and can last all year round if you look after them well. So get your gardening gloves and make this Self-Care Sunday a planting party, trust us, you’ll be thanking us.  

Floral happiness. Credit: Emily Cliff

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