Merry Creasemas: A Festive FEET Q&A

Words: Ellie Desborough | Photography: Bethan McConnell (Instragram/Twitter: @BethanMcConnell Post-Britpop-ish indie rockers FEET released their new Christmas single, ‘Vegetarian Christmas’, last week, so their flat has been transformed into a majestic winter wonderland. Well, not quite. But there is something endearing about the white socks duct-taped on the brick wall with their names scribbled on with Sharpie. I sit down with Oli, Callum, Harry and … Continue reading Merry Creasemas: A Festive FEET Q&A

Multimedia Record Label Patchbay Records Release Second EP

Words: Jonathan Fry Brighton based Patchbay Records have pulled out all the stops for their second EP, Unit 22 by Redrum. The four-track drum and bass ensemble is accompanied by a stop-motion music video (animated by Red Filgate, Zane Crowther and Samuel Carson) which follows the narrative of the EP’s second track, ‘Annapurna’, blowing the face – and bodies – off willing listeners in a … Continue reading Multimedia Record Label Patchbay Records Release Second EP

Holding Absence – Self Titled Review

The self-titled debut record comes from the Cardiff based post-hardcore Holding Absence and their softer, melodramatic black and white branding in the form of a a vivid, yet restrained colour palette of sound. Shaking with vibrato and the ability to out-ballad previous track ‘Penance’, the record utilises ambience ridden vocals and pianist melody in ‘Marigold’ and feature length ‘Wilt’ with the latter being the more … Continue reading Holding Absence – Self Titled Review

A Saharan Acid Western

Released November 23, 2018, Zerzura is the original soundtrack to the film (of the same name) composed by and starring Ahmoudou Madassane, a prolific Tuareg multi-instrumentalist. Regarded as the first ever ‘Saharan acid Western’, Zerzura tells the tale of a nomad’s search for a magic city of gold through free form guitar improvisations. Madassane encapsulates a desert journey with a meditative and distinctively traditional guitar-centred soundtrack … Continue reading A Saharan Acid Western