Get to Know the Team

Name: Maria ILovePopMusic Galea

Age: 23

Origin: Malta

Superpower: Knowing all the parts to Hamilton: An American Musical

Musical Allegiance: A pop ballad with a heart-wrenching, big belting chorus

LDN Role: Editorzilla

Personal blog/website/Twitter: @MariaGaleaimage2


Name: Connor pearljunk Winyard

Age: 21

Origin: Rayleigh

Superpower: Able to recall all 197 country flags of the world off by heart

Musical Allegiance: Weighty music with contextual significance

LDN Role: Editor;sceptic

Personal blog/website/Twitter:, @pearljunk



Name: Libby MusicalChameleon Long

Age: 20

Origin: Plymouth

Superpower: Rapping the whole of ‘Look At Me Now’ without taking a breath

Musical Allegiance: Skank-face basslines

LDN Role: Design Consistency Sista

Personal Instagram: @libbylongg



Name: Ash NotGonnaCatchem Hall

Age: 21

Origin: Bournemouth

Superpower: Knowing all of the lyrics to Busted’s self titled album

Musical Allegiance: Disgustingly fat riffs

LDN Role: Putter of things together

Personal blog/website/Twitter: @ashleyswhall



Name: Larissa Harrington

Age: 22

Origin: Redhill

Superpower: knows all the lyrics to Eminem’s Curtain Call.

Musical Allegiance: anything with a dirty bass line

LDN Role: Social Media Influencer

Personal blog/website/Twitter: @larissaharring



Name: Noa Lou Newman

Age: 23

Origin: Switzerland

Superpower: Penny boarding  

Musical Allegiance: Dave Grohl groupie

LDN Role: Designer/Interviewer/Writer

Personal Twitter: @noalouu

image1 copy


Name: Nargis Borhan

Age: 19

Origin: North West London

Superpower: bumping into celebrities

Musical Allegiance: anything you can cry or jump to

LDN Role: Fangirl

Personal Twitter/Insta: @nargisborhan



Name: Dani Willgress

Age: 19

Origin: Great Yarmouth

Superpower: Managing to shoot gigs with strobe lighting

Musical Allegiance: Rock

LDN Role: Photographer

Personal blog:

image.png copy


Name: Philip Giouras

Age: 24

Origin: Northampton

Superpower: Human Shazam; can tell you the name of a song being played a mile away

Musical Allegiance: Elbow, Heart and all other body part related music



Name: John Turner

Age: 21

Origin: Dagenham

Superpower: knowing Shania Twain’s complete Back Catalogue

Musical Allegiance: country and soft rock

Role in LDN magazine: Country Confident

Personal Twitter/Insta: @turner_official @Jpturner_image-1


Name: Abi Scaife

Age: 21

Origin: Sheffield

Superpower: can (probably) name every Kelly Clarkson song ever released

Musical Allegiance: K-Pop/Pop Punk

LDN Role: K-Pop referencer

Personal Twitter/Insta: @scaifeabi @abi__jasmine



Name: Al. Short for Al.

Age: 20

Origin: Danish halfblood.

Superpower: Wearing all the colours at once whilst never clashing (or denying when they do).

Musical Allegiance: Songs that are groovy, Australian and under 20 minutes.

LDN Role: The first year who looks at the others wondering when she will be so cool and wise.

Personal blog:





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