Live Review: Deaf Havana @ O2 Academy Brixton, 07.11.18

Headlining O2 Academy Brixton is a big deal; that’s exactly what alternative rock band Deaf Havana did. Following the release of their fifth studio album Rituals, the English 5-piece play their biggest show to date to a whopping 5,000 people. With support from Stereo Honey, and IDKHOW, the show is roaring to start.

Accompanied with a neon logo lit up in the centre, Deaf Havana take the stage to open the set with ‘Epiphany’ leading the night to start off mellow, before picking it up with ‘Hell’ immediately after bringing the energy in the room to a high.

With 23 songs on the setlist, there are a mix of tracks from their back catalogue to please every person in the room; going as far back as 2011 including many fan favourites: ‘Ashes, Ashes’, ‘Trigger’, and ‘Fever’ as well as some of their newer material: ‘Ritual’, ‘Evil’, ‘Holy’, ‘Worship’, and ‘Wake/Sinner’. Surprisingly they didn’t debut their latest releases ‘Cr33pin’ or ‘Narcissus’ which would have been perfectly fitting, they do however dabble with nostalgia and play tracks: ‘Leeches’, ‘Little White Lies’, ‘Caro Padre’ and ‘The Past Six Years’ stripping it down acoustically with frontman James Veck-Gilodi making his way to the middle of the venue to perform from.

Also playing an acoustic version of ‘Happiness’; the energy hits the roof as the crowd’s singing overthrows James’ vocals. Every bit of gratitude is displayed on the band’s faces throughout the night, often turning the microphone towards the crowd as they scream each lyric from the top of their lungs; before ending the night with a classic: ‘Hunstanton Pier’. The evening is definitely one to remember, and a pinnacle night for the history of the band.

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