A Saharan Acid Western

Released November 23, 2018, Zerzura is the original soundtrack to the film (of the same name) composed by and starring Ahmoudou Madassane, a prolific Tuareg multi-instrumentalist. Regarded as the first ever 'Saharan acid Western', Zerzura tells the tale of a nomad’s search for a magic city of gold through free form guitar improvisations. Madassane encapsulates a... Continue Reading →

Not so down under.

2018 has been the year of the dog. Venus (hysterically) went into retrograde and the world got flipped upside down as music from Oz dominated attention overseas. Technically, this isn't really revolutionary. Australia has always been the birthplace of sonic champions. There's Kylie, ultimate dreamboat and icon to us all (petition for a Kylie agony... Continue Reading →

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