BIMM End of Term Showcase – Who’s playing? Part 3

And here we are with the final post about WHO will be performing at tomorrow’s End of Term showcase! If you missed it, here are parts 1 and 2. Now onto the final 8…

Kaia Vieira 

Inspired by classic Trip-Hop and DnB, Kaia and her band translate her dark, beat driven songs with ominous soul vocals, gritty bass and explosive Jungle grooves. They are Kaia Vieira (vocals), Tomas Parada (drums), Dan Collin (bass) and Clemence Faurere (keys).

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @kaiavieira 

Facebook: kaiavieiramusic 




 Talia Placks 

Talia Rae, a singer/songwriter and just a lover of creating! Together with James Rampton (drums), Immanuel Simelane (bass), Baily Hopton (guitar) and Louisa von Sicard (sax), they will be performing one of Talia’s favourite songs.

Find her on socials:

Instagram: @iamtaliarae 

Fb: Talia Rae 

Twitter: @iamtaliarae 


EMA Robin 

EMA will be joined on stage by Kevin Hein (drums), Immanuel Simane (bass), Leon Bluer (guitar), Lucas van Roekel (keys) and Cherys Anderson and Althea Hallow on BVs.

Find her on socials: 

Instagram: @emarobinmusic 



Lucas Van Roekel 

Lucas van Roekel is an upcoming singer/songwriter, inspired by a variety of styles from modern pop music, to old school R&B, hip-hop and rock. He will be joined by Guillaume Waridel (drums), Stefano Zanatello (bass), Stefano Greco (guitar) and Emma Van Ryn (keys).

Find him on socials: 

Instagram: @lucasvanroekel 

Kansas City Theatre 

Kansas City Theatre is a rock and roll band influenced by everything from Van Halen to Rush to Billie Eilish. They are Kasey Klar (vocals), William Wahlberg (drums), Calum Lockie (bass) and Aiden Scott (guitar).  

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @kansascitytheatre 

Facebook: Kansas City Theatre 




With nordic noir vibes and dramatic, emotional vocals FVRmind creates trip-hop/ alt. rock.  They are Isabella Kohler (vocals), Oliver Overgaard (drums), Rocco Macchia (bass), Marcus Kearsey (guitar) and Sam Glover (keys/Ableton Live).

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @fvrmind 

Facebook: Fvrmind 


Tik Tok: @fvrmind 






CZG’s music is mainly inspired by Hip-hop and R&B’s artists like Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Mac Miller, Beyoncé, but the groove and the flow of her sounds are also influenced by neo-soul vibes.   They are formed of Emma Ait Abdelmalek (vocals), Kevin Hein (drums), Eugene Rocque (bass), Jordan Greenhall (guitar), and Tascha Jerwan and Chloe McAllister on BVs,

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @czg_official 

Bethany Nelson 

Bethany Nelson is singer/song writer originally from the Highlands of Scotland. Her music could be categorised as country/pop. Influences come from artists such as: First Aid Kit, Carrie Underwood, Kelsey Ballerini. She will be joined on stage by Ian Brown (drums), Kieran Fergusson (bass) and Liam Cleaves (guitar).

Find her on socials: 


Facebook: BethanyNelsonn 





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