BIMM End of Term Showcase – Who’s playing? Part 1

12th March is when BIMM London will hold the End of Term Showcase with some of the best acts BIMM has to offer. Here’s part 1 of a rundown of the acts who will be performing on Thursday!

The Great Flud 

The Great Flud are a 5 piece Alt Rock band from London, bringing back the sound of the 80’s in to the modern day. Influenced by the likes of The Police and Fleetwood Mac, you will be left wanting more! The band is made up of Marie Choquet (vocals), Louis Cowling (drums), Stephen Field (bass), Adam Mason (guitaris & BVs) and Aiden Scott (guitar).

Find them on socials:

Instagram: @thegreatflud 

Facebook: The Great Flud 

Twitter: @GreatFludBand 



Lady Sybil 

Folk inspired melodies intertwined with lyrical melancholy by vocalist/guitarist Hedda Berg.

Find her on socials: 

Instagram: @ladysybilmusic 

Facebook: Lady Sybil  



Skaly is a singer songwriter and arranger, influenced by mental health, nature and physics as well as alternative pop and classical music.  

Find him on socials: 

Instagram: @skalymusic 




HBBRD is made up of trio Charles Hibberd (vocals, guitar), Jake Thomas (drums), Charlie Hepburn (guitar) and they described their music as sad songs disguised as happy songs.  

Social Handles: 


Facebook: @HBBRDmusic 

Twitter: @hbbrdmusic 

Tik Tok: @hbbrdmusic 



Pink Mirrors 

Pink Mirrors is made of Filip Skupin (vocals), Lawrence Balfour (drums) and Oliver Harvey (guitar). How do they describe their music? “If Foo Fighters were abducted by aliens.”  

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @pinkmirrors_ 

Facebook: pinkmirrorsband 

Twitter: @pinkmirrors 





Claudia Gascogne 

Claudia Gascon will be bringing a blend of soul and old school 90’s R&B with a twist of latin music. She will be joined by Tomas Parada (drums), Nicola Fratini (bass), Francisco Parada (guitar), Paula Alvarez (keys) and Edla Pieracce, ana Rita and Janita Huttunen on BVs.

Finde her on socials: 

Instagram: @claudiagascognemusic 

Facebook: claugascognemusic 

Twitter: @GascogneMusic 

Music Links: 





THURLBY are a three-piece acoustic-rock group from London, their focus is on anthemic melodies and mental health inspired lyrics.  They are Josh Thurlby (vocals), Ewan Vowels (drums, BVs), Benn Bryant (guitar, BVs), Aiden Scott (guitar).

Find them on socials: 

Instagram: @thurlby_ 

Facebook: THURLBYmusic 

Twitter: @ThurlbyJosh 

Music link(s):   


Ace Bermuda  

A reclusive producer residing on a top secret island is about to make his big comeback in the music industry. The band consist of Shekhem Vige (vocals), Scott McDonald (drums), Oscar Arnell (bass), Joe Gosling (guitar), Jake Thomas (guitar) and Jacob Richardson (keys).

You can find them: 

Instagram: @ace.bermuda 

Facebook: @acebermudamusic 

Tik Tok: @acebermuda 


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