Live Review: Bombay Bicycle Club @ Alexandra Palace, 07.02.2020

Words: Laura Weingrill

It was a sad day for music when British indie group Bombay Bicycle Club announced their breakup back in 2016, after many years of success and fame. For a very long time, no one was sure whether they would ever hear from their beloved rockers again; but almost to the day four years later, news was spread that seemed almost too good to be true: Bombay Bicycle Club are back.

In addition to the comeback, their fans, who had been waiting for their return all this time, were also blessed with the announcement of a new tour and their fifth album “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong”, which was released on the 17th of January.

Bombay Bicycle Club are playing the prestigious Ally Pally in London, where they’re doing two sold out shows.

Suddenly there is a loud uproar, followed by a sea of ​​shining, flashing lights that herald the lively start of the evening with “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)”. Their highly anticipated comeback single gives a clear signal that Bombay Bicycle Club still know who they are and where they belong. Despite the dark undertones of their new material, the live experience lights up the concert hall and is also reflected in the collective proud smiles of the band.

Since this is their comeback tour and the closest they can get to having a hometown show, the fans are not only gifted with fresh material from their incredibly loved new album, but also with a setlist that gleams through its certain touch of nostalgia. Hits like ‘Luna’, ‘Shuffle’ and fan favorite, ‘Always Like This’ make the crowd go crazy. Newer tracks like ‘I Can Hardly Speak’, ‘Good Day’ and ‘I Worry About You’ offer brief insights into the new record and showcase the growth the band has gone through during their break.

Ultimately, the Bombay Bicycle Club are still conveying emotional lyrics, haunting beats, and addictive guitar riffs. Given the quality of their show and the magnetism of the band, it comes as no surprise that loud,
persistent screams fill up the venue before an electrifying encore and the final goodbyes. It’s a special show that marks the beginning of a new era for Bombay. After all this time, they still remain one of the most progressive indie bands of the past decade, delivering every show as if it were their
last. Let’s just hope that they are really here to stay.

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