Holding Absence – Self Titled Review

The self-titled debut record comes from the Cardiff based post-hardcore Holding Absence and their softer, melodramatic black and white branding in the form of a a vivid, yet restrained colour palette of sound. Shaking with vibrato and the ability to out-ballad previous track ‘Penance’, the record utilises ambience ridden vocals and pianist melody in ‘Marigold’ and feature length ‘Wilt’ with the latter being the more dynamic attempt of the two. A wash of distortion gives the band their signature aesthetic however Lucas Woodland’s vocals are stretched to a refreshing harder attempt in ‘Last Of The Evening Light’ which is sure to have been influenced by previous project shareholders Loathe. ‘Monochrome’ and ‘Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)’ adopt a sweeter Shakespearian narrative despite the literal denotation and wall of emotion. In the 3 year span the evolution hasn’t been explored as much as their popularity and support would have allowed them to, however the clear refinement of production and wider inclusion of thematic concept for the sonics of the album stares through cracks of the record. In summary, ‘Holding Absence’ sits itself in a purgatory of progression with some brilliant artistic kindling, consistent crash of percussion and fluidity of songwriting. 

Ashley Hall – Twitter: @ashleyswhall

Twitter: @holdingabsence

Facebook: /HoldingAbsence

Instagram: @holdingabsence

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