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You can tell a lot about someone from their first or favourite records. The LDN team went out in the recent early summer to shoot our new first/fave record feature. Here are the team’s picks, photographed by Henry Nash (@henryjgn) and edited by LDN’s resident photo princess Dani Willgress (@daniwillgressphotography).

Name: Ashley Hall

LDN role: The guy who keeps trying to get punk and hardcore into the magazine

Musical allegiance: Big Muff pedals

My first record: OAK STREET/HOME ALONE by Knuckle Puck

The first time I had money to buy my own music, I spent it on buying as much of Knuckle Puck’s discography on vinyl as possible. An early American pop-punk record that helped form the new wave of the genre you hear dominating Slam Dunk’s lineup to this day, it has all those driving kick drums and emo-ridden screams my young teenage self ever wanted.

Twitter: @ashleyswhall
Instagram: @ashleyswhalll

NAME: Al Mills

LDN role: “The babe rainbow”

Music allegiance: road-trip worthy psych from distant lands

My favourite record: HOLY FIRE by Foals

This is the first record I remember listening to and wanting to cry. Not because it’s necessarily sad (although I don’t believe anyone who says they listen to Late Night without shedding a tear) but because I was so overwhelmed by it’s lusciousness. There is never a bad time to put this record on. Glorious music for pine tree forests and festival headliner slots it’s gritty, badass and oh so British. Yannis, I love you.

Twitter: @
Instagram: @real_mills

Name: Philip Giouras

LDN role: The Indie Encyclopaedia

Musical allegiance: Guys & Girls playing guitars, the more alternative the better


Sorry if you were drawn in by the picture of the Biebs but I’m afraid my allegiance lies to another scruffy haired, guitar-wielding songwriter. ‘These Streets’ by Paolo Nutini was not just the first record I bought myself but it’s also remained a firm favourite ever since. The soundtrack for many paper rounds, I memorised each track, enamoured by a singer with a Scottish twang who wrote stories not songs, such as the heart-wrenchingly beautiful ‘Autumn’, A ballad that will bring a tear to the eye of anyone that’s lost a relative. I thought so then but I’m even more certain now that Paolo Nutini is my generations Bob Dylan.

Twitter & Instagram: @philipgiouras

Name: Maria Galea

LDN Role: Editorzilla

Musical Allegiance: Pop music with a belting chorus

My First Record:JONAS BROTHERS by Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers’ 2007 self-titled album was one of the very first I bought on CD. I was (and still am) a huge fan of the band, and this album is undoubtedly my favourite by them. It showcases them as a pop rock band and features hits like ‘S.O.S.’, ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ and my favourite, ‘Inseparable’. Sadly, my copy of the album is in Malta, so I’ve had to suffice with a picture on my tablet. And it seems like it was the best choice, as they announced their reunion days after this photoshoot! Yay 2019!

Twitter: @MariaGalea
Instagram: @MariaGalea95

Name: Abi Scaife

LDN role: K-Pop Kollector

Musical allegiance: Girls Girls Girls

My favourite record: Remember Us: Youth Part 2 by Day6

Not my first record, but my first K-Pop record, this is the ultimate K-Pop – Meets – Break Up album. With a cheery nod to the nineties in a strangely Wham-esque lead single ‘days gone by’, the album mixes pop rock, alt rock, punk and, on track ‘Marathon’, a smattering of motown style vocals. The release coincided with their first world tour, and when I saw them in London – this album is just as incredible live as it is recorded, if not more so. More than a breakup album, this is a healing album, full of bittersweet goodbyes but ending, ultimately, on an up note with fan favourite ‘Beautiful Feeling’.

Twitter: @scaifeabi
Instagram: @abi__jasmine

Name: John Turner

LDN role: The Country Expert

Musical allegiance: Anything with Steel Guitar in it

My favourite record: Why – Carly Simon

Despite not being my first, nor my favourite record, Carly Simon’s Why is much like me; an underappreciated work of art that, while not flawless, is still really enjoyable. Some may consider this beast of a track to sound like a continuous orgasm, or moan depending on your taste level, but the somewhat sonic experimentation (courtesy of the incomparable Nile Rodgers) paints a musical landscape that sits somewhere between an 80’s disco track and a simple, soppy broken hearted anthem perfectly imperfectly. Regardless, it may not be my favourite, but it’s definitely a solid representation of me.

Twitter: @turner_official
Instagram: @jpturner_

Name: Nargis Borhan

LDN role: The fangirl

Musical allegiance: Pop/pop punk

My favourite record: SOMEWHERE NEW EP by 5 Seconds Of Summer

While it’s only a 4-track EP this was the EP that grew my love for bands and venturing out of purely Justin Bieber on repeat (which don’t get me wrong I still do). The tracklist consists of ‘Unpredictable’, ‘Out of My Limit’, ‘Beside You’, and ‘Gotta Get Out’ – every song being a bop. Ultimately 5 Seconds of Summer are my favourite band, and this being their first EP brings back a lot of nostalgia; holding a special place with me – so much so I obviously had to get it signed (duh).

Twitter & Instagram: @nargisborhan

Name: Tom Dodkins

LDN role: Contributor

Musical allegiance: Old-school Dubstep

My favourite record:UNTRUE by BURIAL

Untrue is one of the most quintessential dubstep albums of all time, it helped define the genre and shape and influence countless electronic artists today. It encapsulates the dark and dystopian aura that surrounded London’s nightlife in the early 2000’s. It also pioneered methods of sampling that were unheard of at that time such as using shell casing sounds from Metal Gear Solid as snares or using a Beyoncé YouTube cover as a lead vocal. Burial, whose identity is still for the most part a mystery, paved the way for not just his own music but electronic music as a whole with Untrue.

Twitter & Instagram: @tomdodkins

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