Our Favourite Records

You can tell a lot about someone from their first or favourite records. The LDN team went out in the recent early summer to shoot our new first/fave record feature. Here are the team’s picks, photographed by Henry Nash (@henryjgn) and edited by LDN’s resident photo princess Dani Willgress (@daniwillgressphotography). Name: Ashley Hall LDN role: The guy who keeps trying to get punk and hardcore … Continue reading Our Favourite Records

LTW ‘Rough Trade’ review

The name Rough Trade is legendary. Those who created it are even more so; the ultimate tastemakers, they have helped music fans all across the country discover their favourite artists. Whether through the iconic record store or their indie record label, they have spent 40 years playing god with the music world as they determine who gets a head start. Geoff Travis, founder of the … Continue reading LTW ‘Rough Trade’ review

LTW ‘Like A Gay Icon’ review

The pop diva has been a crucial part of the gay and LGBT+ communities for what feels like forever, though the mystery of exactly why this is, seems to be a matter of opinion. From Madonna to Mariah, Britney to Cher, Gaga to Bowie countless artists have been adopted as gay icons, no matter how they identify. Investigating this glamorous tale is Lucy O’Brien, panel … Continue reading LTW ‘Like A Gay Icon’ review

LTW ‘Ed Sheeran Is Shit’ review (2)

“I do not give a fuck who Ed Sheeran is!” The comic strip come to life Everett True (aka Dr Jerry Thackray) stands before a small audience consisting of music fans, journalists and avid coffee drinkers. Yet, from within his everyman-ish stature booms a voice, wilful and incensed and eagerly proclaiming the words ‘Ed Sheeran is shit!’. Around the room, people cease their conversations. The … Continue reading LTW ‘Ed Sheeran Is Shit’ review (2)