The Glove That Fits, Homerton. In early March, four of the most prolific and masterful producers and DJs of drum and bass, and dubstep, convened in a dingy basement in Homerton for a night of murky drums and sadistic frequencies. Alix Perez, Halogenix, Deft and Lewis James performed to a crowd of no more than 40 at a Keep Hush event in the up-and-coming venue … Continue reading 1985 MUSIC – CLUBS REVIEW

Holding Absence – Self Titled Review

The self-titled debut record comes from the Cardiff based post-hardcore Holding Absence and their softer, melodramatic black and white branding in the form of a a vivid, yet restrained colour palette of sound. Shaking with vibrato and the ability to out-ballad previous track ‘Penance’, the record utilises ambience ridden vocals and pianist melody in ‘Marigold’ and feature length ‘Wilt’ with the latter being the more … Continue reading Holding Absence – Self Titled Review