Multimedia Record Label Patchbay Records Release Second EP

Words: Jonathan Fry

Brighton based Patchbay Records have pulled out all the stops for their second EP, Unit 22 by Redrum. The four-track drum and bass ensemble is accompanied by a stop-motion music video (animated by Red Filgate, Zane Crowther and Samuel Carson) which follows the narrative of the EP’s second track, ‘Annapurna’, blowing the face – and bodies – off willing listeners in a squat rave setting. 

The accompanying (and naturally complementary) visual representation which Patchbay Records portray through the EP comes as no surprise due to the premise of the label trying to incorporate, or patch, multiple disciplines of art together, creating a scenic, audio-visual experience for the audience. 

The dark jungle beats fused with the eerie, distant vocal samples from the last track, ‘Lanches’, provide a great roundup of the intense and violent anticipation easily detectable from the outset.

This collective is definitely something to look out for in the electronic scene in the coming months.

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