New song release: “Catch the Wave” Q & A with Juice

Vertigo left us on a true note of positivity which only increased our desire to hear some more. This May, Juice returns with electric energy to present us with her brand-new music, which will encourage us to embrace and savour the freedom and opportunities we must change our lives around.

LDN writer Blanca de Gongora brings us this time a fresh Q&A, where Juice reveals details about her next song release “Catch the Wave” which we all can’t wait to hear about. 

Blanca: What is “Catch the Wave”?

Juice: Catch the Wave is the name the second single that I’m releasing on the 4th of May! This song is about leaving a location where you no longer belong to start over somewhere new. In my situation, it was leaving my hometown and moving to London to start a new life.

Blanca: What kind of music can we expect from you this time around?

Juice: I would say catch the wave is a slightly richer and more elaborate song than my first single Vertigo. Although it remains in the same genre (house electronic), this song aims to fit more of a dance/club scenery. 

Blanca: Tell us about the process. Has it been more complicated than you expected?

Juice: I won’t lie – it hasn’t neem simple. I spent a year and a half changing the melodies, lyrics, and arrangements because I could never be happy with the final product. Thankfully, in the moments where I wanted to give up, my dad really encouraged me to keep going and finish the song since he thought it had a lot of promise. 

Blanca: In which social media platforms will Catch the Wave be available in?

Juice: Catch the wave will be available on every single platform you know on the 4th of May at midnight! 

Blanca: Any future collaborations in mind with other artists?

There are definitely some more collaborative song underway! I’m always seeking to meet and to work with new talented artists as it is, in my opinion, the only way to reach a products full artistic potential.

We can’t wait to catch Juice’s wave. Don’t forget to turn on a notification for this Thursday 4th of May and find her on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

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