New Music Friday 28/04/2023

Reporting back from Easter break, we’re here to update you on our favourite releases from the past couple of weeks. From Michael Aldag’s early midlife-crisis, Foo Fighters‘ first release without their beloved Taylor Hawkins, SZA’s and Doja Cat’s second girlboss collaboration, Nessa Barrett’s ode to 2014-Tumblr-culture to Peach PRC’s dreamy debut EP – spring is off to a good start.

Words: Vicky Madzak and Hope Kensall

#1 Michael Aldag – girlfriends

Liverpool newcomer Michael Aldag discusses the struggles of figuring out adulthood in your early 20s, and finding a suitable significant other in the generation of ghosting and never being satisfied with what you have in his new pop tune ‘girlfriends’. “You don’t do drugs anymore, you got boring babe” he sings, referring to the party lifestyle your teenage years allow you to have, before you become an independent individual and have to save all your money to be able to afford rent and bills. Musically, the song entails a catchy upbeat melody, working in juxtaposition to its rather depressing lyrics, and speaking from experience, screaming to it at a party with your best friend feels more than liberating.

#2 Foo Fighters – Rescued

Foo Fighters have given us our first listen into their upcoming album ‘But Here We Are’ with the new single ‘Rescued’, the rest of the album set to drop on June 2nd. This marks the band’s first release since the tragic and untimely death of iconic drummer Taylor Hawkins. The lead single has the sound and energy that has become so distinctively theirs – driving lead guitar lines, melodies that will inevitably be glued into the cracks of your brain carried along with those gorgeous raspy shouts we have come to expect from Dave Grohl. We still do not know who is behind the kit on this one, and filling the enormous shoes of the late Hawkins, but I for one will have this song on repeat until we find out – and even if that’s never, I won’t be mad.

#3 SZA – Kill Bill (feat. Doja Cat)

Although ‘Kill Bill’ was already released as a single on SZA’s most recent album ‘SOS’ at the start of 2023, and the singer has been critically praised for showing her unfiltered, violent emotions in its lyrics, the version featuring Doja Cat adds a new layer to the song’s narrative. Instead of fantasising about killing her ex, she accidentally killed his new girlfriend. Doja Cat opening the song with her savage delivery followed by SZA’s dreamy vocals in the chorus make a perfect match, one that we have been aware of since their first collaboration ‘Kiss Me More’ in 2021, which earned the girl boss duo a well-deserved Grammy.

#4 Nessa Barrett – american jesus

 ‘american jesus’ is drastically different from Nessa Barrett’s prior releases, the only one foreshadowing the new direction she would take is the song ‘tired of california’ from her debut album ‘young forever’. Similar to this song and contrasting the others is the lack of heavy production, as her soft voice is in focus which puts more power in the lyrics she sings, comparing the feeling of being in love to worshiping Jesus. The song was released with a music video, the whole aesthetic reminiscent of the 2014-Tumblr-aesthetic that re-emerged online last year, and its leading figures like artist Lana Del Ray. Creatively, Barrett definitely knew what she was doing and she is definitely on the way of becoming a prominent influence for the next generation.

#5 Peach PRC – Manic Dream Pixie

Internet’s favourite Australian pink fairy Peach PRC finally released her debut EP ‘Manic Dream Pixie’. Through bubble-gum-pop tunes and precise song writing, she tells stories of being an unashamed fangirl (‘Kinda Famous’), a closeted queer girl with a crush (‘Perfect For You’), dealing with the aftermath of a toxic relationship (‘F U Goodbye’), the love she has for her best friend (‘Loved You Before’), the realisation that certain relationship wasn’t toxic, but thinking so would make it easier to cope with its end (‘Favourite Person’) and healing your inner child (‘Dear Inner Child’). Peach PRC proves that she’s more than an interesting and relatable character to follow on Instagram and TikTok, she’s a talented and unique creative that we will definitely hear more of.

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