Words: Nina de Sanders

Bad Love is taken off School of X’s debut album ‘Armlock’, which was released earlier this year.

Rasmus Littauer, the artist behind School of X, is the music director and touring drummer for Mø, but has been releasing his solo material for a few years now. He describes ‘Bad Love’ as follows: “It’s about feeling alone in a relationship, having lost faith or trust, about how much the relationship suddenly matters when it’s slipping through your fingers. But that’s how love is — it comes and goes and we all have to put up a constant fight to save it and bring it back.”

Which is of course relatable to most of the world now during the pandemic.
Somehow he has managed to package that all up in a dreamy, danceable, pop song, where his vocals take centre stage.

‘Bad Love’ has already been showered with praise by BBC Radio One’s Jack Saunders, who featured it on his indie show.
School of X were scheduled to play the Lexington in April, the show was moved to late September, but is now set to take place in 2021. See EU there.

For fans of: Jungle, Jack Garratt, Temples

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