New Music Friday 24/2/23

Words: Andrea Naess

Hurray, it’s LDN’s breakdown of New Music Friday again, with the best new music that you can feast your eyes and ears on this lovely Friday. Stand by for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Rona Mac, Marti West, Codice EGO and girli.

#1 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Nadja

Hailing from New Zealand, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have shared a taste of their upcoming album ‘V’, which is set to release 17th March this year. ‘Nadja’ is no disappointment. This downbeat simplistic track has the gentle rhythms that UMO are so well known for. ‘Nadja’ also has a very seductive side to it which draws you in. The song is paired with an incredible music video directed by Vira-Lata, a Brazilian award-winning directing duo which are known to create fresh and unique videos, this song is a hit to listen to on a rainy day. The New Zealanders says the song as well the upcoming album are influenced by West Coast AOR, weirdo pop, and Hawaiian Hapa-haole music. Go check it out.

#2 Rona Mac – Sense

We quite like the lofi-girl-rainy-day-big-cuppa-tea-vibe, so we want to embrace it a bit more by introducing you to Rona Mac’s ‘Sense’. If you like Pheobe Bridgers and Damien Rice this artist is someone to look out for. ‘Sense’ is introspective and emotive, and fun fact- the song was written in her caravan-home in West Wales, which we think shines through when we listen to it. It’s like you can picture the idyllic scene as she writes the song. An absolute pleasure and a perfect choice for a cosy night in…

#3 Marti West – Nobody Loves Me (Like You)

UK-based Indie-Folk artist Marti West released his latest song ‘Nobody Loves Me (Like You)’, The single has gotten praise from Indie Music Center, who described the record as “If you’re feeling a bit lost right now, which is kinda normal given the pretty bizarre times we’re going through, then this song might be your cure.” We think this description is very fitting. The song feels like the light at the end of a tunnel, a reminder that everything’s going to be okay, and that’s exactly what the world needs right now. The song has steady guitar riffs and beautiful vocals. Just an all-round well-produced song which we think you will like. Simple, but oh, so beautiful.

#4 Codice EGO – Rainbow’s End

Italian Alt-Rock act Codice EGO released their first single ‘Rainbow’s End’ which is part of their upcoming EP. The song has been mixed by the brilliant Hugo Nicolson who has worked with major artists such as Björk, Primal Scream and Radiohead.  The song is very atmospheric and has a style that features elements from various genres. We hope the Italians will take the trip across the pond so we’ll have the chance to see them… ‘Rainbow’s End’ is out now via FUGA. 

#5 girli – Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a well-known phenomenon that most people in today’s achievement-focused society can relate to. With the pressure of constantly grinding and being a girl-boss 24/7 it’s easy to sometimes doubt yourself and girli really puts these feelings into words in her latest song ‘Imposter Syndrome’. The track features a video with lots of bright colours and older people staring and laughing at her, featuring the lyrics “I’m so paranoid that everybody hates me”. The London-based artist has expressed that the song is about overthinking, feeling like an underachiever and thinking that everybody laughs behind her back. Out now via Believe Music.