New Music Friday 3/3/23

It’s LDN’s breakdown of New Music Friday, with the best new music to enjoy post love month and pre ‘spring has sprung’. From bad ass female empowerment to head-bopping pop-anthems and soft tunes matching the sunrays – this week we present you songs by well-known favourites like Halsey and Gorillaz, Tik Tok new comers Lola Young and Caity Baser and BIMM London’s Leo Walrus.

Words: Vicky Madzak, Matt O’Sullivan, Hollie Sackett

#1 Halsey – Die 4 Me

The original version of ‘Die For Me’ is a song by Post Malone which only features Future and Halsey for a couple of seconds but listeners agreed that Halsey and her verse stole the spotlight. As Halsey also performed her verse on tour, fans have been begging them for years to release it as a full song – and she finally has. The song deals with bitter heartbreak, which makes for relatable lyrics. Screaming them at a live show would be like free therapy.

#2 Gorillaz – Possession Island

Appearing on Gorillaz 8th studio Album ‘Cracker Island’, the song ‘Possession Island’ closes and encapsulates the album on a softer ballad style piece with Artist Beck complimenting Damon Albarn’s solemn and raspy vocals with his own angelic harmonies. The song is further boosted by the tranquil melodies the band is known for on previous works that give listeners a sense of serenity. An amazing conclusion to their latest album leaves the listener thinking long after the track ends about the issues it tackles, like cancel culture, capitalism and unity.

#3 Lola Young – Don’t Hate Me

The highly anticipated song ‘Don’t Hate Me’ by Lola Young that not only went viral through a Tik Tok-snippet but caught the attention of multiple A-listers like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, was finally released last week. Young’s voice is one of a kind and incredibly recognizable, which separates the song from other pop-anthems that previously gained recognition online. ‘Don’t Hate Me’ is the leading single of her new project ‘My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely’, which will be released on May 26 and discusses important topics such as gaslighting, love bombing and mental health.

#4 Caity Baser – Pretty Boys

British Tik Tok star Caity Baser’s ‘Pretty Boys’ is the female empowering anthem we all needed. Coming from her EP ‘Thanks For Nothing, See You Never’, the song is a playful jab at Baser’s often chaotic love life. In the happy pop tune, she sings about the struggles of dating guys that have nothing else to offer but good looks, reminding of what it’s like to date as a woman in her early twenties. With vibrant production, Baser could be Gen Z’s answer to Lily Allen – bringing attitude and relatable lyrics.

#5 Leo Walrus – Up Somewhere

BIMM London’s very own singer/songwriter Leo Walrus released his second single ‘Up Somewhere’ this week, following his debut ‘Creeper Star’. “It is a song of idealistic searching, born from a need to find certainty and life that doesn’t change”, the creative himself explains “It’s an embrace of simplicity and stability and captures the euphoric bravery of unashamed joy”. Musically, it takes the listener back to the melodic hippie sound of the 60s and reminds of The Beatles – an easy listen for upcoming sunny spring days.