BIMM Introducing – Alessia

Words: Gery Hristova

Alessia is a pop artist originally from Switzerland, based in London. Taking inspiration from the melodies of funk pioneers such as James Brown and George Clinton, she combines 80s synths and style with more contemporary elements, creating highly energised end products in a pop package, dripping with funk nostalgia.

The Swiss-born singer has released a series of singles as a solo artist, as well as collaborations with a variety of other creatives. However, she finally released her debut EP ‘Sugar’ in November 2021. The album, which is all about breakups and recovery, gives us an insight of something we don’t normally get from a stranger – emotional vulnerability and openness.

Each song tells a different side of the story of what it feels like to be in love. The EP is like a storybook and Alessia is the narrator, who unveils the different interpretations of what love means to her and the different experiences she went through. From the confusion that she felt during a relationship to the devastating feeling of something or someone not being present, ‘Sugar’ is a story of a broken heart that’s trying to find the meaning behind its feelings.

What’s more, she seems to spend much of the record contemplating her tangled reflections on her past relationship – a muddle of blame, want and need. At times, all this conflict jarringly contrasts the sound of the short album: sugar-sweet and frictionless pop; but the songs themselves tuck all the emotions away in the bright sounds of funk-electric sound.

It’s hard to decide what kind of artist Alessia wants to become, but her undeniable voice and her keen introspection make her sound like a compelling figure in the pop world.

Check out the music video for ‘You’ll Always Be Missing’ here:

Where do I find out more?

Check out her InstagramFacebookYouTube channel or official Website.