New Music Friday 28/01/2022

Hey y’all! Do you know what day it is? It’s Friday! That means it’s definitively time for New Music, and LDN’s going to guide you through a delight for your eyes and ears today… Stay tuned for Indii G, Selah Sue, Fullmåne, Tove Lo and Sally Shapiro!

Words: Andrea Naess

1. Indii G – Hampton

Louisiana lo-fi hip-hop rapper Indii G shares his brand new track ‘Hampton’. This track stands out this week because of it’s catchy guitar line and his soothing voice. His style brings to mind the late experimental rapper XXXTentacion, but it’s just more feelgood. The violin-play in the song makes it quite unique as well. Out now via Epitaph!

2. Selah Sue – Pills

Selah Sue made her big breakthrough back in 2011, when she managed to get certified platinum in France with her debut album ‘Selah Sue’. Now she’s back with her new single ‘Pills’, taking on a more serious note, and bringing up topics such as depression, which she has struggled with. ‘Pills’ is a catchy disco-pop hymn written by the Belgian herself.

3. Fullmåne – Started A War

Here’s a treat for you for all those who dig some heavy music. Fullmåne, which means full Moon in English, is a raw, dirty, and spaced-out black metal punk project from Norway. ‘Started A War” is about having hopes and dreams crushed by reality. And we all can relate to that one way or another… Go check it out!

4. Tove Lo – How Long

The Swedish vocalist Tove Lo never seems to disappoint. Ever since her breakthrough in 2013, with her hit single ‘Habits’, she has produced good song after good song. Her newest single ‘How Long’ is from the highly topical and popular TV show ‘Euphoria’. So, for all of you ‘Euphoria’ fans out there, this is a must to listen to!

5. Sally Shapiro – Down This Road

The Swedish pop duo Sally Shapiro’s style is Italo disco and synth pop, and ‘Down This Road’ can be described as a melancholic, jazz-inspired synthpop song, which immediately caught LDN’s attention. The video is very calming, with a futuristic use of colour. It’s perfect to play while you wind down this Sunday, along with a cup of tea.