BIMM Introducing: Morning’s Here

Words: Gery Hristova

They want to trend. They want to have a concert on Minecraft. And if you had a weird dream, you can share it with them and they might create a song out of it. If that doesn’t sound strange enough to you, then wait to hear the whole story behind their new project. Morning’s Here, a group created by Julka Osiecka (songwriter/instrumentalist), Karol Dzik (songwriter/instrumentalist/producer) and Pola Bychawska (songwriter/vocalist), are here to ask you only one question: “What did you dream about last night?”

How did you meet and why did you decide to make music together?

Julka: Everything started when Karol asked me about my opinion on one of his songs, which he had made with Pola. Myopinion was so detailed that it left him speechless. So, he asked me if I want to make an entire album with him. Now, Karol, you can say your side of the story [laughs].

Karol: That’s not the exact truth [laughs]. I asked for her opinion about this song I made and the call went on for a few hours. Even though we didn’t talk only about the track, that was the moment when I realised I wanted to work with her. So westarted calling each other almost every day.

Julka: Yeah, we were having conversations every day. Then we suddenly realised that we were in a process of making our first song, ‘Haunt Me’, which is featured in the EP.

Pola: When I joined the band, they already had a few of the tracks done. 

Karol: Yes, Pola and I have been friends for a while now, so I thought that she could join. I mean, she sings well, quite alright[all of them laugh].

Julka: Pola made a huge impact on the work; Karol and Pola didsome great work together. Karol and I had some good ideas, but Pola added of her own personality.

Why is the EP self-titled?

Karol: The name ‘Morning’s Here’ fitted the album perfectly, because the last song is called ‘Wake Up’. It’s like a circle that we’re closing.

How personal is this project to you? 

Karol: Not that much, but we were mainly inspired by dreams.

Julka: Yes, we didn’t use our own dreams but our friends’ ones. When they were telling us about them, we just loved the idea of [dreams], something that doesn’t make sense to have one. So we started changing people’s dreams into something that made sense.

Karol: I’d never heard of someone getting inspired by dreams. It looked like a gold mine to me.

Pola: When I first joined the band, I knew what was going on andwhat all the songs were about. I was trying to interpret them.After they told me that the songs were just dreams, made into songs, I was surprised.

If your tracks are inspired by dreams, why did you pick the oneswhich makes you feel most scared? 

Julka: That’s not exactly the truth. For example, ‘Mannequin’ was not about somebody meeting a mannequin, who felt lonely. The dream was about a person or a spirit, who was observing this mannequin in the distance. That was it. However, everything else that we put at the song was our invention. I guess you could say that we didn’t pick nightmares, we created them.

Why did you decide to make indie-pop music? What influenced the sound of your songs?

Julka: Everything that we’re listening to inspired us. For example, this weird artist, who’s making strange underground music, give up the idea for one of our songs. He’s name is BNNY RBBT. His music is really dreamy and magical. Obviously, our music sounds different but his work influenced the album. The rest is just us improvising and enjoying what we were doing. 

What about the process of recording? 

Karol: Can you see the place that I’m sitting in [showing his bedroom via our Zoom call]. ‘Studio Karol’ this is where we did most of the work. [ Do we know where this is located? It might be nice to get sense of city or country]

How long did it take you to finish the whole project?

Karol: In my opinion, too long. We recorded most of the track between July and September 2020. Then it took me a while to mix everything together. I don’t have a lot of experience in that field. It’s was a messy process and an interesting journey.

Pola: Then, I had those moments, when I was asking them to delete some of the vocals, because I hated them. 

“I guess you could say that we didn’t pick nightmares, we created them.”

Did you had the chance to perform your music in front of an audience?

Karol: Not yet. Firstly, we have to find a drummer.

Pola: We thought of having a Minecraft concert.

Julka: I’d love to. We talked about that earlier.

Karol: That doesn’t change the fact that we have to find a drummer.

Julka: We can make a party in Minecraft. We’ll play our songs and then everybody will click space and jump around [everybody laughs].

Online concerts are becoming a massive thing. Have in mind that a year ago Travis Scott attracted more than 45 million people to join at the same time and watch his hologram performing at ‘Fortnite’.

Karol: Maybe I’m too sceptical but we need to be more recognisable.

Julka: We’d be more recognisable if we do a concert in Minecraft. 

Maybe you could join in one of those massive online servers where you can play your music to other players while they’re destroying everything.

Julka: Yes, we can join in one of those servers where people are just running around with no purpose, punching each other, while our music is played in the background.

Karol: Now, I like that idea.

What’s next for you, apart from the Minecraft concert?

Julka: TikTok. Just imagine there’s a trend where our music is played in the background, while people are sharing with you the weird dream they had last night.

Karol: That’s the same idea that I had for Instagram, but probably TikTok is more suitable for projects like this one [laughs].

Julka: Yes, but you better not ask what Pola thinks, because we’ll lose all of our TikTok audience before we even start to gain it.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Haunt Me’ here:

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