BIMM Introducing: LANI – ‘Drank That Night’

Words: Anna Runa

Do you remember when Gabriella said ‘I Gotta Go My Own Way’ to Troy Bolton in ‘High School Musical 2’ and we cried for three minutes straight? That could have been LANI’s ‘Drank That Night’ instead. It has the same type of grief and loss attached to it which hurts as much as kicking your toe on a cupboard. The intro chords on the piano are a warning that you have been seated in an emotional rollercoaster, so you better put your seatbelt on, it’s welcome to “Lani-Land”!

LANI’s new single, Drank That Night

LANI’s clean vocals and harmonies are her strongest weapons and the satisfying voice cracks are her bullets. It’s impressive to achieve such a clear sound and have a cleverly-structured song when everything around us seems like an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube at the moment. LANI’s talent and sense of music are right there – in the colourful background noises, the crescendo chorus and her beautiful lyricism.

On her Instagram post Lani says:
“I would never have imagined a song I wrote at 14 would amount to this. Recorded in lockdown using my wardrobe for a vocal booth, with nothing but a piano and a mic.​”

Living the life of a DIY artist at the age of 19, the BIMM Birmingham student also loves to give exposure to others who are starting out. Having Millie McIntosh design her cover art for the song, she adds a special aesthetic spice to it. Combining old school ballads and taking inspiration from pop music throughout the decades, LANI could be easily mistaken for a young Demi Lovato from ‘Camp Rock’ or a member of the Fifth Harmony. The odds are definitely in her favour and there is an excitement about what she does next.

Listen to ‘Drank That Night’ here:

LANI’s Spotify

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