Self-Care Sunday #5: Five Subscription Boxes To Up Your Self-Care Sunday Game

Words: Emily Cliff

Three weeks into 2021 and for many of us in lockdown in the UK, we’ve been thrust back into the fever dream of banana bread-making, endless Netflix-watching and ​more Zoom quizzes. And while it might seem logical to just cocoon in your bed and never come out, we are here to provide you with self-care tips to fight those January blues. So come out of hibernation, put the kettle on and settle in, Self-Care Sunday has officially stepped into 2021.

If making more time for yourself was the top priority of 2021 for you then you have come to the right place. Making time for yourself can be as little or as big as you like (I personally like making it as big as possible and preferably in the shape of a chocolate cake) and what better way to start than having a subscription box? Being locked in the house for months on end has got us missing several things and is often leading us to burn quite a large hole in our pockets. Subscription boxes are brilliant for a number of reasons the top one being it gives you something to look forward to each month. When you have something coming in each month regularly you often find that making time for that thing and yourself becomes much easier. So here are the top five subscriptions, in our opinion, to help you get the very best out of your Self-Care Sunday.

First on our list we have the ​​Pause mind and wellbeing subscription,. At just £7.50 a month this subscription box is here to provide you with everything you need to just pause and work on your mental health and wellbeing. This box provides the tools you will need to become more creative and relaxed, from calligraphy to pressing flowers. The money from your subscription box also goes to the charity Mind, helping people with mental health issues gain the help and support they need. This box is all about you and your mental health which is more important than ever at the moment. Sometimes we feel disconnected and this box is perfect to help you reconnect with friends, family and loved ones.

Pause’s boxes aim to provide calm, creativity and ooh, look, a cuppa!

Next up we have the Lush Subscription box.​ For me self care is all about winding down and feeling relaxed and the best way to do that is usually with a lovely warm bubble bath and a fantastic facemask. Buying things from Lush is one of the small exciting things I like to do for self care, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like a bubble bath with a lush bubble bar is there? The box is £35 and you get the freshest and the newest products included. This can range from your shower bombs, bath bombs and even your facemasks. The deal is fantastic, especially for what you get. This is the perfect way to up your Self-Care Sunday game and to give yourself the luxury pamper treatment you deserve after getting through another month.

Now, what would go very well with a luxurious bubble bath to top off your Self-care Sunday? The perfect drink! And here at Self-Care Sunday we have a solution for you. The Craft Gin subscription is one you have to try at least once in your life. At £40 a box it is quite pricey but is very much worth it if you want to up your Self-Care Sunday game. You can choose when suits you to have it delivered, either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. The subscription includes a full sized bottle of premium gin, mixers and premium snacks to go with it. The box also contains a magazine full of recipes and different cocktails to make using the gin of the month. With a full range of possibilities this gin box will certainly give your Self-Care Sunday an extra edge of luxury. There is free delivery across the UK and a special offer of 50% off your first two boxes using the code on their website! There wasn’t a better time to invest in this subscription.

The Craft Gin Subscription: we thought Ginmas was over. But it’s now Ginuary…

Our third box we have a classic, ​Birchbox. Much like the Lushbox this subscription service focuses on all things skincare and cosmetics. If you’re anything like me you cringe at the price of any makeup product over £15 and tend to just stick to the Boots own or Superdrug own brand. Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that supplies you with premium and luxury makeup and cosmetic products each month for just £12. And there wasn’t a better time to invest in a box like this! Birchbox are giving 40% off your first box and trust us when we say it’s worth it. In the box you get things tailored to your skin type, tone and overall preferences. The packaging is perfectly cute and it really is something to look forward to each month.

Finishing our five subscription boxes we have A Box Of Stories. There is nothing like winding down with a good book and this subscription box is perfect for those bookworms out there. This site has a 20% student discount and is perfect if you struggle choosing a book. Nothing beats the feeling of going into an old bookshop or a waterstones, however the COVID-19 pandemic may have closed some of our favorite independent bookstores for good. While nothing can replace that feeling of going into a bookshop and smelling the paper and the books this can sure be a good replacement, without even having to leave the house! Simply choose what genre you would like to receive and how often you would like to receive it, and you will get four books tailored to your specific tastes.

What could be better than a box of stories? Choose from Fictions, Light Reads, Historical, Young Adult or Surprise yourself!

These subscription services do cost a bit of money, and if you are a student like me you might not be able to get all of them. But each is individually unique and all of them will certainly step up your self care sunday routine. Whether you fancy indulging in cocktails and gin or taking a lovely bath with products from lush, these boxes will have your back, and ensure that you have the most perfect Self-Care Sunday 2021 has to offer. And if all else fails, take a look at these emergency photos of baby animals.

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