Self-Care Sunday #5: The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Words: Emily Cliff

Bad days happen. More often than not (especially this year) we find ourselves in sticky situations, and sometimes the best way to overcome those days is to just stop, sit down and relax. Now this is easier said than done, but here at self care sunday we aim to provide you with the perfect guide and suggestions on how to have the most fabulous Self-Care, stress free Sunday. So pop the kettle on, cuddle up and lets get through this horrible storm together.

With the announcement of tier four restrictions coming into effect at midnight of last night, this sunday may seem a little sadder than the rest. The Grinch has officially stolen Christmas and we are thrown back to exactly where we were in January. But fear not, while this Christmas is going to look and feel a little different, the magic doesn’t have to stop. One of the best things i find about Christmas is making the ultimate hot chocolate.

Like many of us in March, I found myself surrendering to the TikTok bandwagon trend. It was great not only did I find endless hours to kill time and lighten my mood, I also found my way onto Hot Chocolate TikTok; and boy, I’m glad that I did. When thinking about hot chocolate there is almost nothing to not like about it: it’s sweet, chocolatey with tons of whipped cream and marshmallows, but how do you take that one step further? It all starts at the base, the type of chocolate or powder you use.

When making the ultimate hot chocolate the base is incredibly important so if you can, we recommend going to Whittards of Chelsea, a tea shop that sells ​The best​ hot chocolate powder on earth ( Now this might be an exaggeration but since trying Whittards hot chocolate I have not gone back. From their immense flavour range right down to the indulgent taste, if you’re looking for a good homemade Ned Flanders quality of hot chocolate Whittards is the place to go. A personal favorite of mine is the Strawberry White ( vour-white-hot-chocolate-304253.html), sweet creamy with a hint of strawberry, it’s perfect for building our Ultimate hot chocolates.

Now we have our base lets talk toppings. Most people do the standard mini marshmallows and whipped cream and that’s great but why stop there? If we are going to make the ultimate hot chocolate we are going to need much more. Why not make it christmassy and add some Christmas themed sprinkles? Or some little fudge pieces? This is an entirely blank canvas for you to add the things that make you happy, the things that make you feel warm inside. And to take it one step further, add a splash of baileys or amaretto, I promise you won’t regret it!

I find that hot chocolate is one of the perfect soul drinks, that’s why it’s perfect to make your Self-Care Sunday equally as cozy. Nothing makes a home more homey than when the christmas tree is up. So scooch up with your ultimate hot chocolate in front of the fire (or a video of a fire on youtube) and achieve pure bliss and happiness in a mug.

There’s no doubt that this year has been incredibly shit. And somehow it just keeps one upping itself. This is why self care is crucial. Christmas can be a hard time of year at the best of times, and to add a global pandemic into the mix just seems like torture. If you or someone you know is having to spend Christmas alone this year because of The Grinch – I mean the PM – pick up the phone and have a conversation, and even had your christmas dinner on zoom.

We hope you all have a wonderful magical Christmas this week in spite of everything that has happened over the last few days. 2021 is approaching and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Some Charities for those spending christmas alone:

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