BIMM Introducing: The Royalty Instrumentality Project

Words: Gery Hristova

Wondering how to spend the rest of 2020? If the answer is ‘yes’, then The Royalty Instrumentality Project has come up with a solution. 

Formed by Federico Giacobazzi – a.k.a. Giack Bazz – (singer/composer) and Deborah Verrascina (producer), together with Marta Teolato (manager), Luca Pusceddu (bass) and Sebastian Papa (drums), the group took 18 months to create their debut album, ‘Impression A.I’. and have successfully created a different music format with a concept story attached.

In the presence of Royalty: Giack Bazz and Deborah Verrascina.

It’s not just the enormous amount of songs (366  – that’s six hours and 19 minutes running time), this album seems to offer an extraordinary experience for every listener. Combining a fusion of alternative rock, psychedelia and electronic sound, the songs are made up of pieces that span from 30 seconds to three minutes, some of which have really catchy titles such as ‘Going To The Vet’ or ‘Harmonica Man Got On The Wrong Tour Bus’.

Even if the music doesn’t fit your personal taste then the advertising campaign created by London-based video maker Edoardo Giacomelli might catch your attention. With its 80s-style infomercial-influenced videos, a fictional company is claiming to send anyone a free “Impression A.I.” box, which is capable of understanding your music taste and creating it in the form of unheard songs perfectly suitable for you. But there is also something a little sinister going on, The Royalty Instrumentality Project reflecting on today’s streaming culture and small musicians versus big business.

“Possess the music,” says the company.

“Let’s fix the music industry,” say the band. 

Who will win?

Find out more here.

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