Wish EU Were Here: Juniore – En Solitaire

Words: Nina de Sanders

Juniore is a french, all female, four piece lead by singer Anna Jean. The name might be familiar; in 2019 the band had a bit of a hit on their hands with ‘Ah Bah D’Accord’, which, funnily enough, was the b-side to ‘En Solitaire’. Since then the band have released their second studio album ‘Un, Deux, Trois’ at the start of the year on which both songs are definite stand-outs.

Amongst their high profile fans are 6Music legend Lauren Laverne who often features Juniore on her show, as well as Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner. The latter comes as no surprise; ‘En Solitaire’ in particular possesses all the flair and whim that ‘Tranquility Base’ lacks. The song is in French but don’t let that scare you off. Even without understanding all (or any) of the words, Jean’s voice is, in all its reverb drenched glory, able to convey its melancholy and introspection. Plus, listening to French music immediately makes you look more cultured so it’s a win-win.

Besides vocals, the other shining star of the song are the keys. They guide the listener through the story and then have a party at the end in an outro Fatboy Slim wouldn’t turn his nose up for.

Juniore have recently announced a uk tour for spring 2021.

For fans of: Bodega, Matt Maltese, Mini Mansions

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