wish eu were here: magnetic spacemen – mold

Words: Nina de Sanders

Magnetic spacemen are the surf/grunge/ garage rock band of your dreams, you just don’t know it yet. Hailing from the north of the Netherlands the band have been travelling the UK in support of VANT.

‘Mold’, the lead track of their 2019 EP ‘G.E.E.P.’ serves as a perfect introduction to their sound; slightly absurd lyrics (“and I’m so itchy because I don’t use the shower”), catchy riffs, reverb for days.

Fun fact about the band, to help fund the release of this EP the band created their own craft beer for a Beer Funding campaign. Regular crowdfunding was too boring for them: “everyone does that these days”.

Judging from the great response Magnetic Spacemen received after the VANT shows, they are guaranteed to be back soon. Keep an eye out.

For fans of: Mac DeMarco, Twin Peaks, The Parrots

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