New Music Friday 4/11/22

Words: Andrea Naess

This week London has seen gloomy, windy and rainy weather, even giant Christmas baubles flying through the streets (!), so it’s nice to finally cosy up at home, pour yourself glass of apple cider and chill out with some good tunes. Stick around for Longheads, Years & Years, Anna Kaya, Cavetown, Avril Lavigne and YUNGBLUD.

#1 Longheads – One Step Further

LDN is still in the spooky Halloween mood, and what’s then better than a music video filled with a goat skeleton and people gathering in a ritualic circle in the woods? You tell me! Or Longheads will, with their latest song ‘One Step Further’. The psych-rockers – originally hailing from Norfolk, now based in South London – are continuing to making their magic music in the vacant building Guardianship scheme, occupying various sites and spaces across London. ‘One Step Further’ has a 70s vibe and a heavy groove – taking inspiration from bands like King Gizzard but making it weirder and wilder – a banger for old hippie freaks, as well as new curious let’s-go-hiking-in-the-cosmos types as well.

#2 Years & Years – 100% Pure Love 

Platinum-selling Years and Years have released their cover of Crystal Waters’ quintessential song ‘100% Love’, and we must say Olly Alexander’s take on the classic makes us want to burn up the dancefloor this weekend. The song has such a positive and optimistic vibe to it with the lyrics: “From the back to the back to the middle and around again, 100 % your love”. Out now via Interscope Records.

#3 Anna Kaya – So Damn Crazy

Up-and-coming Bulgarian singer Anna Kaya just released ‘So Damn Crazy’, her first single, and it sounds like a modern twist on a great Beyoncé ballad. The song features alluring and amorous lyricism such as: “Come pick me up at 9, take me for a ride”, and we love it. LDN thinks this is a perfect choice for a date with your beloved. Go check it out!

#4 Cavetown – Worm Food

Our next song offers heart-felt honesty and amazing lyricism, Cavetown’s ‘Worm Food’. LDN wrote about the Oxford-based act – aka Robin Daniel Skinner – not long ago but sees the need to return to the amazing bedroom pop artist, to praise him on this chef-d’oeuvre. “Sometimes I wish I didn’t matter to anybody, and sometimes I forget I do’ he sings, the song feeling like a friend in a scary world, one who gives you a scarf when it’s windy outside – so go check out this comforter.

#5 Avril Lavigne ft. YUNGBLUD – I’m a Mess

The two pop punk icons Avril Lavigne and YUNGBLUD teamed up for a sweet, soppy ballad ‘I’m A Mess’. In the video we see Dom wandering around the London streets, and Lavigne getting reflective in LA sunshine before they end up meeting and singing together. The song is giving High School Musical duo vibes, but in a more rock way. Dom has described the song as: “Full on lookin’ out the window of your parents car pretendin’ you’re in a music video vibes”. The track is out now via Atlantic Records.