New Music Friday 28/10/22

Words: Andrea Naess

The leaves on the trees are finally giving proper autumn vibes with the orange and yellow colours and we have our Pumpkin Spice Latte well-placed in our hands. The only thing missing is some good tunes on our ear… Therefore, LDN are once again ready to give you the best new music for the Halloween weekend. Tune in for Mellor, BAYLI, Seagoth, PVRIS and blink-182.

#1 Mellor – Meet Me By The Ocean

Mellor, a Reading-based four-piece, just released ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’, and it’s a part of their newest album, ‘Battle Hardened’, which is set for release on November 11. The band takes inspiration from artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, with the classic fuzzy distortions you typically hear in indie rock bands, paired with Gary Kingham’s confessional lyrics – this is a musical treat. ‘Meet Me…’ however has a serious theme; a suicide pact, and a couple who end their lives together peacefully before the world consumes them. “In a world of war and global warming, it’s a sobering fantasy of walking into the ocean together, side by side”, the band say about the song. The rock ballad is out now via Triple B Records.

#2 BAYLI – Act Up

BAYLI, who was formerly frontwoman for Brooklyn rock and soul band The Skins, has made a smooth transition into the modern pop world, and ‘Act Up’ only proves that point! BAYLI has a beautiful voice that works extremely well with the captivating and boppy song. A roller coaster relationship with a strong woman who knows how to act up is the theme in the song, and a perfect one to get ready to with the gals before a night out. DORK described the up-and-coming artist as a “a pop icon in waiting”. Go check it out.

#3 Seagoth – Amorphous

Feminist indie-pop duo Seagoth’s ‘Amorphous’ is an electrifying new single that follows the success of ‘Queen’ in June, which was supported by BBC Introducing. ‘Amophous’ sounds very dreamy, and creates many waves of emotions, which vocalist Georgia Ochoa describes as being intact with nature, and how the universe can express itself through humans. We instantly fell in love with this band and really wish they would perform in London soon, but if you are in the northern part of the country, make sure to go see them November 4 in Warrington at Museum!


Massachusetts-based Lyndsey Gunnulfsen has trailblazed her own path since 2014 with her musical project PVRIS, and her newest release release ‘ANIMAL’ is no exception. The song features a motorised and mechanical beat, and it’s hard to put your finger on what you are actually hearing. However, it’s very catchy and powerful, and the theme of the song is on the political side as well: ‘ANIMAL’ is all about defiance and breaking free of control, whether it’s from other people, or from ourselves. It can even be looked at through a wider lens and interpreted as defiance towards “the man”, government, or the algorithms that run our lives, that “know us”, says the singer. ‘ANIMAL’ is out now via Hopeless Records.

#5 blink-182 – Edging

Our last band need no formal introduction, especially if you are into punk and more rock-y vibes. US trio blink-182 are back with ‘Edging’, and what’s a bit special about this one is that it’s the first release with founding member Tom DeLonge since 2012 EP ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’. In the last decade, DeLonge has spent his time studying UFOs and aliens, but it’s nice to have him back in the studio with the boys. ‘Edging’ is a fast-paced, fun mess that makes you want to get up and dance. It has all the right elements for classic pop punk song: bratty vocals, tight drumming, and steady guitar. We love it.