The Six Acts LDN Is Backing For Eurovision 

Words: Anna Runa (@qnnquuq)

After Eurovision resurrected rock’n’roll in 2021, there has been a slight turn of tables in 2022. This year we’ll be eating salad, giving bananas to wolves and crying to ballads for the upcoming contest on May 14, taking place in Turin, Italy.

ITALY – Brividi by Mahmood & BLANCO

Italy has always been a strong Eurovision competitor, bringing some of the best quality masterpieces and performances out there. After the resurrection of rock’n’roll with Måneskin’s win in 2021, the potential of triumphing once again is very high with the collaboration of two well-known Italian artists. One of them, Mahmood, already warmed up the Eurovision stage in 2019 achieving second place in the finals, losing to the tears of Duncan Laurence’s Arcade. With their combination of styles, charisma and stage presence, both BLANCO and Mahmood have set the bar high this year. 

NORWAY – Give That Wolf A Banana by Subwoolfer

Norway’s 2022 Eurovision song will probably remain as one of the most ridiculous and funniest Eurovision entries ever. Imagine Daft Punk on crack with futuristic wolf helmets and singing about giving a wolf a banana before it eats your grandma. If this performance and lyrics do not make you crack up at least for a second, do you even know what Eurovision is? The whole package is so bizarre it makes you question yourself if you have been under any influence. 

AUSTRALIA – Not The Same by Sheldon Riley

Everyone is already over the fact that Australia is taking part in EUROvision as they manage to deliver every… single… time. This year’s entry only supports this argument as Sheldon Riley performs a very emotional ballad about his struggles of being an outcast and feeling different from everyone else. Having a unique stage presence and letting his femininity shine through his outfits, Riley is not afraid to show his queerness as this has been a huge part of what Eurovision has been for years. 

LATVIA – Eat Your Salad by Citi Zēni

“Instead of meat, I eat veggies and pussy,” is the first line of Latvia’s Eurovision entry in 2022. It’s good to see that Latvians have gone organic from their 2014 entry, Cake To Bake and are trying to take care of their environment. The Eurovision fans are already hyped about this one as it blew up on TikTok and they have marked it as one of the most memorable unusual Eurovision performances. This year, Latvians have a full energetic boyband (including the hot saxophone guy), some educational tips on how to take care of our environment and appreciation of how cool and sexy it is to be green. Even though the song has some problematic lyrics that will probably be censored on the big Eurovision stage, the song is unironically a bop. 

SAN MARINO – Stripper by Achille Lauro

For the hes, shes and theys who fell in love with last year’s Eurovision winner Måneskin’s lead singer Damiano David, we have a new delivery waiting for you. Achille Lauro is continuing the trend of disturbing people’s traditional comfort zones and expressing natural human sex appeal. This artist has been surfing through San Marino’s music industry for years and this might finally pay off as he might finally receive well-deserved recognition thanks to this competition. For the lovers of other performers such as The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford and The 1975’s Matty Healy, Achille Lauro will be a fresh find to liven up your playlists. 

ISRAEL – I.M. by Michael Ben David 

This is the sass and the class everyone expects to get out of Eurovision. Celebrating differences with pride, including elements such as vogue, modern beats, runaway walks and snatched choreography, Michael Ben David will be living in some of your fantasies for a while. With a touch of some traditional Israel sound and confidence, Ben David has taken the crown from last year’s Samanta Tina and continues to carry it through the competition. For the fans of Todrick Hall and RuPaul’s Drag Race, this will be that part of the show when you need to get your peach moving. 

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